Steam mobile app updated after 7 years

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While Steam is a hugely popular platform for buying and playing games, its mobile app hasn’t been updated in years. Valve has released a completely renewed Steam application after 7 years.

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Steam has been one of the platforms preferred by PC players for years. While Valve’s desktop app is hugely popular, its mobile app is disappointing; Virtually no changes have been made visually over the years. Valve finally got their hands on Steam’s mobile app as well and announced an all-new Steam mobile app with a new user interface. With the update that came years later, it got a brand new look that is compatible with SteamOS on the Steam Deck.

Steam mobile app has been completely renewed

The notification system in the Steam application has completely changed. It’s much easier for users to keep track of what’s going on in their friend group, and the library view has been revamped. However, a news feed has arrived to help discover similar games. On the security side, a brand new authentication system is being introduced. The Steam Authenticator was giving sequential codes that could be used for a limited time during the login phase. Now, when you log in on a new computer, it is enough to scan the QR code. Alternatively, there is a confirmation option like Google’s 2-step verification system.

New Steam app features

  • Smarter notification system
  • New Steam authenticator
  • Multiple account support
  • Improved library view
  • Improved trade confirmation
  • News feed customized by library
  • Better shop browsing experience
Indir gmspors

The renewed Steam application was opened to a limited number of users as a beta. The Steam mobile app beta is available for download for both Android and iOS. Android phone users can sign up to try the beta version via this link. iOS users need to install the TestFlight app first; Then you can sign up for the beta program via this link.

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