Started dancing on top of the sacred pyramid in Mexico

She started dancing on top of the sacred pyramid in Mexico! The images that were the target of the angry crowd became the agenda on social media.

The tourist, who climbed on top of an ancient Mayan temple in Mexico, began to dance. The tourist, who was shouted to come down, suddenly became the target of the angry crowd. The crowd, attacking the tourist who came near them, first pulled her hair, then emptied the water bottle in their hands over her head. Those moments managed to become the agenda on TikTok. Sharing the post from TikTok, Mexican Angela Lopez added the note, “This is why you don’t disrespect the historical Mayan Pyramids.”

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A tourist started dancing in front of visitors while climbing Chichen Itza hill near Cancun, Mexico. Known as the Kukulcan Pyramid, El Castillo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been forbidden to climb since 2008. The dance moments of the unnamed tourist, who climbed the pyramid by surpassing the security forces, caused reactions. Visitors to the pyramid attacked when the tourist came to them. In the fight in which kicks and slaps were flying in the air, the hair of the tourists was plucked and punches were thrown on the back of their necks. The tourist who captured those moments on camera described the action as “lack of respect”.

The sanctuary was built more than 1200 years ago by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, and the ruins are now under the administration of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. If caught illegally climbing the temple, criminals face fines ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 pesos.

According to Latin American news outlet MercoPress, INAH officials have yet to report the incident, but people on social media have condemned the action and called for jail time.

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