Squid Game Why did Seong Gi-hun dye his hair red?

The director of Squid Game has finally announced! Why did the main character Seong Gi-hun dye his hair red?

Squid Game writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk has finally revealed why Seong Gi-hun dyed his hair red in the season finale of the hugely popular Netflix drama.

While the preparations for the new season of the series, which is about the struggle for survival, continue, fans began to question the reason why the main character Seong Gi-hun dyed his hair red in the season finale. Regarding the season finale of the popular social media series, many commented, “I don’t know exactly how I feel about the ending, but I don’t understand why the main character finally decided to dye her hair red.” The director of the popular series made a statement for the red paint detail in the season finale.

There’s a reason why Seong Gi-hun dyed his hair red

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The director of Squid Game has revealed why lead character Seong Gi-hun dyed his hair red in the season finale. Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk explained in an interview with South Korean publication Zapzee that his new look is a reflection of the anger inside the character. The director said, “I thought about it intuitively. I wanted to choose a color that he couldn’t change on his own. Finally, I decided on red. That would be the craziest thing to do for him. So I chose the color and I thought it really showed the anger inside.”

The actors who took part in the Squid Game series, which was broadcast on Netflix and gained a wide fan base around the world, attract great attention on social media. Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays the character of Seong Gi-hun in the drama, is among the most talked about people in his youth.

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Lee Jung-jae, born December 15, 1972, is a South Korean actor and model. She first debuted as a model, then began her acting career in television, particularly with the campus drama Feelings (1994) and the iconic drama series Sandglass (1995).

After her acting success in An Affair (1998), Lee’s film career took off. Among them are Il Mare (2000) and Over the Rainbow (2002), the melodrama Last Present (2001), the comedy Oh! Brothers (2003), action films The Last Witness (2001) and Typhoon (2005), heist film The Thieves (2012), film noir New World (2013), and period film The Face Reader (2013). He won Best Actor awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for City of the Rising Sun (1999) and at the Fantasporto Directors’ Week for The Housemaid (2010).

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