Squid Game managed to top the netflix charts

You know that the South Korean-made ‘Squid Game’ series, released last Friday, is not falling off the Netflix lists with its very exciting story and is rapidly increasing its audience.

Spoiler – What happened in the first episode of Squid Game?

Squid game managed to top the netflix charts 2 gmspors

Squid Game – With the series being broadcast on a paid platform, it became a trend. What is the series that you come across frequently lately? What is it about and why is it so popular? Excerpts from the first episode of season 1 that will give you a clue are in our article.

At the beginning of the series, the children are played while they are playing. Then, the events of a man who broke up with his wife are told. The man has a 10-year-old daughter and it’s her birthday. Her mother pays her daughter to buy fried chicken and toys, but she goes to play horse racing. He wins money but is stolen by a side cutter. With the last of his money, he takes his daughter to dinner.

He has excess debt and signs a contract in which he will give his organs if he does not pay within 1 month. Her daughter’s stepfather also moves to America. He needs money to get custody of his daughter.

Someone appears next to him on the subway and says he will give him money in exchange for the game. He states that if he loses, he will give the same amount to himself. He loses at first, but no money is asked for it. He gets slapped every time he loses. He plays the game and wins some money. If he wants to continue the game, he is given a card to reach. Oda agrees to get custody of his daughter.

He and more are knocked unconscious and taken to the playground. His phone and wallet were confiscated, everyone wore the same outfit. People with masks make deals with them and say that they will earn money at the end of each game. The game starts. The first game is green light red light. A baby with a sensor in their eyes says green light, red light, at that time everyone is free to move. But when the sound stops, everyone has to stop. They shoot the person who moves.

Those who finish the game and cross the line within 5 minutes pass to the next round. If they want to terminate the game en masse, the game will be over. However, it is said that the money earned will be given to the families of the deceased. Hearing this, some of the contestants want to continue. They think that money is their right, not their family’s. Winners who see the dead want to leave the game, but will the money they face make them give up on their decision? Who will win by one vote?

Who won Squid Game?

While the idea of the competition took into consideration various champs (the last game, squid game, is feasible to play in groups) just Seong figured out how to endure every one of the six games. He left the games as the champ.

What amount is 45.6 billion won?

Seong brings home—through a gold introduction card pushed into his mouth—roughly $39 million, which he speedily places into a financial balance and never contacts until longer than a year after the games. He then, at that point, utilizes a portion of the cash to reimburse Cho Sang-charm’s (No. 0218) obligation just as take Kang Sae-byeok’s (No. 0067) sibling out of his halfway house, interfacing him with Cho’s mom as a non-permanent parent.

Beside these demonstrations, Seong actually has a lot of profit for whatever he has intended to bring down the association.

Ending’s meaning could be a little more obvious.

In one of the last scenes, Seong reunites with Oh and learns the elderly person’s job behind the games. During the gathering, while Oh lies minutes from death, the two play one last game, wagering on the destiny of a vagrant, himself minutes from death, underneath in the city.

Gracious’ bet: Before 12 PM nobody will stop to help the man. He is refuted. An individual, who halted adjacent to the man prior, gets back with police a moment before 12 PM. Goodness passes on not long after, inciting Seong to inquire as to whether he saw—in the event that he saw that he had been off-base.

As low stakes as this last game shows up, it very well might be one of the most significant of the series.

Squid game managed to top the netflix charts 1 gmspors

Is Squid Game worth watching?

You may have noticed a new production on Netflix that is not falling from the top of the list right now: Squid Game. The series, which went on the air last Friday, September 17, continues to increase its popularity day by day by spreading from ear to ear.

The main character of our drama, Seong Gi-hun, is also one of the players participating in the tournaments. Living with his mother and having financial difficulties, Gi-hun accepts the offer to take his separated daughter with him and becomes the 456th competitor.

The person who made this offer to Gi-hun was a mysterious man who approached him while he was waiting for the subway to arrive alone. Although Gi-hun finds the man’s offer ridiculous at first, he accepts because of his desperation for money and finds himself in this business.

When you think of children’s games, you may think of innocent games such as blind and hide and seek. Even the characters in the show think they are playing innocent games at first glance, until things get serious.

Many people who have accepted an offer to make money and can be described as ‘hopeless cases’ are not only kicked out when they lose competitions, they also lose their lives!

Let’s move on to other details by leaving the subject of the exciting series here; For now, only the first season of the series consists of 9 episodes in total and the episode lengths vary between 50-60 minutes on average.

There are very valuable South Korean actors in the cast of the series. Lee Jung-jae as Gi-hun in the lead, Park Hae-soo as Sang-woo, our mystery man Gong Yoo, originally model Hoyeon Jung and award-winning actress Lee Byung-hun!

The drama is directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, whom we know from the movie ‘Silence’.

Our series with colorful shots to contradict its dark story. In this regard, it also receives very high marks from critics and viewers!

What do we know about the highly anticipated second season of the successful series?

So far, no statement has been made by Netflix about the upcoming seasons. However, the new season news of the production, which won the appreciation of the audience, is eagerly awaited.

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