Squid Game has another unreleased scene

As the second season of the Squid Game series, which has been on the agenda since the day it was broadcast, is approaching, a deleted scene from the first season has been published.

Squid Game, which was released in September of last year, was a great success with a lot of views around the world. The series, in which the contestants compete for the grand prize, continues with its second season. Netflix released an unreleased footage from the first season of Squid Game today.

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In the video shared on Netflix Turkey’s Twitter account, Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk states that there is a brand new story waiting for the audience in the second season, and that it will be broadcast on Netflix very soon.

Netflix’s share also included a scene that was not broadcast in the series.

Squid Game, Netflix’s most successful production in the past year, finds its place at the Emmy Awards. Nominated for Best Drama Series, lead actor Lee Jung-Jae won the Best Leading Role in a Drama Series.

While these successes were commonplace for the production, it was a huge success for a non-native English-language drama at the Emmy Awards. So much so that Lee Jung-Jae made history as the first Asian actor to win this award. On the other hand, the HBO production Succession received the award in the list of Squid Game. In addition, the series has received several awards in the past months, including the Gotham Awards and the Golden Globes.

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