Squid Game Creator Talks About Netflix’s Real-Life Spinoff

Squid game creator talks about netflixs real life spinoff 2 gmspors

‘Squid Game’ Creator Addresses Concerns That Netflix’s Real-Life Competitive Spinoff Is Troubled.

At the point when Netflix reported it had greenlit a reality series in light of the lethal rivalry in “Squid Game,” enthusiasts of the hit Korean show rushed to bring up the incongruity in deciphering the unfortunate story, which maker Hwang Dong-hyuk told Assortment is a “tale about present day entrepreneur society,” into unscripted television.

Presently, Hwang is encouraging “Squid Game” fans not to “act over the top with things,” saying he has met with the maker of the truth side project, named “Squid Game: The Test,” and expectations “they will carry on my vision and goal however much as could be expected for the show.”

Squid game creator talks about netflixs real life spinoff 2 gmspors

Squid Game maker Hwang Dong-hyuk, showing up behind the stage at the Emmys on Monday night in the wake of winning Remarkable Coordinating for a Show Series (for the episode “Red Light, Green Light”), uncovered that this previous end of the week he had met with the maker of the unscripted television branch-off, “and they had many inquiries for me.

“What I trust is that they will carry on my vision and expectation however much as could reasonably be expected for the show,” Hwang said.

Squid Game: The Test quickly was disparaged by a larger number of people for meaning to downplay a dim show that was implanted with significant messages about class and the grotesqueness of private enterprise.

However, Hwang said in the Emmys press room, “I believe that despite the fact that our show conveys a seriously weighty message — and I realize that there are a few worries on taking that message and making it into an unscripted TV drama with a monetary reward — I feel like when you make too much of things, that is truly not the most effective way to go for media outlets. It doesn’t exactly start an extraordinary trend.

“Thus, I would agree that that propagations of such endeavors will carry new significance to the business,” he added, “and I trust that this will be an extraordinary new course for the business by and large.”

Netflix made history with Squid Game

Squid game creator talks about netflixs real life spinoff 1 gmspors

By breaking new ground at the Emmy Awards with Squid Game, Netflix both made history and strengthened its hand in its competition with other video platforms.

Squid Game won Best Lead Actor and Best Director in a Drama at the Emmy Awards, where no non-English language production has been awarded one of the main categories before; Netflix made history with a Korean production.

Netflix, which was nominated for the Emmy Awards for the first time in 2013 with a production, became the company that won the most awards among channels and video platforms last year.

Squid Game, which was nominated for 14 awards and took home 6 of these awards, is known for being the most watched production of Netflix. Netflix continues its efforts to present the second season of Squid Game, which has been watched for 1.65 billion hours in the first four weeks and has maintained its top spot since then, and a reality show themed Squid Game to the audience.

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