Special swimsuit workout with Korean Model Ssun Biki Maxim

Maxim covered the oversized model for the first time in 20 years, and that name became ssunbiki. The Korean model, who announced “썬비키ssunbiki & ssunbiki ASMR” on Instagram and was shown as a plus-size model, achieved great success.

Maxim working with a korean model

Special swimsuit workout with korean model ssun biki maxim 1 gmspors

The ‘Natural Body Model Contest’ was held on June 30 with the Korean Model Association (KMA) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Korean edition of MAXIM, a global men’s magazine. There is one model who proudly won this competition and that is plus size model creator Sunbiki, famous for her ‘non-Asian body’.

With more than 270,000 YouTube subscribers, Sunbiki launched YouTube a year ago and quickly increased its subscriber base, but after winning this competition, it was completely on track.

After winning the pageant, she appeared on the cover of Maxim’s August issue wearing a ‘monokini’, breaking the stereotypes about beauty ‘models have to be thin’ and ‘to look pretty’ and showing the natural beauty of ‘voluptuous women’.

Ambitious body from Sunbiki

Special swimsuit workout with korean model ssun biki maxim 1 gmspors

Sunbiki wowed the jury with her uniquely sensual body, unrealistically crushing pelvic line and wonderful stage manners, and received the grand prize as well as the honor of being selected as a special Miss Maxim and winning the Maxim cap.

Sunbiki said, “There is a competition to select natural body models in Korea and I was really happy to be able to participate here. How grateful and happy to be a model even for someone who is not skinny like me.”

Regarding her secret to managing her body, she explained, “There are a lot of people who love my body because it’s rare and western. To be honest, I’m grateful to my parents because it looks like I’m 90% born.”

Sunbiki said, “I’ve had a complex about my hips since I was little. Personally, I like my front more than my back.” “Maxim readers must have seen skinny models a lot, but I’m worried they’re going to react negatively to my body style like me. I hope you can take a good look at it.”

Famous for her ‘non-Asian-class body’, Sunbiki runs a bikini mall. She is famous for taking ‘wearing photos’ of clothes she sells, such as bikinis.

Ssun Biki Net Worth

Special swimsuit workout with korean model ssun biki maxim 2 gmspors

Ssun Biki has an estimated current net worth of more than $500,000. She aims to increase her work with many modeling agencies in the USA as well as the Korean model country.

Ssun Biki essential pay source is Fitness Model. Presently We need more data about his family, connections, adolescence and so on. We will refresh soon about his Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles and so on.

Not Much is been aware of Ssun Biki family and Past Relationships. All data about Ssun Biki individual life is hidden. We will refresh you soon.

썬비키 ssunbiki

She continues to actively produce content for the ssunbiki youtube channel. In her latest post, she talked about how she does fitness as a model. She also owns one of the most ambitious model channels on youtube. The Korean model has close to 500 thousand followers on youtube.

I went to Sokcho and trained hard lol. The number of views on Youtube video continues to increase. In the comments, fans are making interesting comments about the Korean model’s physique and sweet face.

Few Comments:

  • I don’t understand how Ssunbiki’s trainer managed to stay focused while working with him 😂 so professionally
  • I see your video at 7:15 in the morning and believe me there is nothing better than seeing your video at the beginning of the day 😍you are a fascinating woman.😘
  • Ssunbiki you’re getting great results, you’re doing great!!.. keep pushing

Plus Size Model on the Cover of Maxim Korea Magazine

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Ssun Biki also “violates South Korean norms of what a model should look like.” After winning the Korea Maxim Natural-Size Model Contest, she will appear in the next issue of the magazine, Koreaboo , Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

Late last month, Maxim Korea’s first plus size model competition came with a top prize of 10 million won (Rp 126 million). The only condition of this competition is that the competitor must be a woman of 66 size and above.

The competition reportedly does not differentiate between height, weight, age, nationality, and whether the contestants have previous modeling experience. Six months later, Maxim Korea managed to announce the 23 selected finalists.

They then competed for the grand prize and appeared on the cover of the magazine. In the end, the committee identified Ssun Biki as the winner, and she became a plus-size model that made history in the magazine’s presence in Ginseng Country.

Ssun Biki described the victory as a happy moment besides being selected for the cover of the magazine. She was grateful that someone who wasn’t as weak as her could be a model. His presence also received positive response from the public.

A representative of Maxim Korea said they were actually “expecting some degree of explosive reaction”. Moreover, the name Ssun Biki is not familiar to many people.

The model shares a series of photos taken for the magazine on her Instagram account. In the photo caption, she asked the public to “show lots of love” for her new achievement.

Special swimsuit workout with korean model ssun biki maxim 4 gmspors
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