Special photos from Rihanna

The world-famous star Rihanna received 7 million likes with her latest post.

The world-famous singer Rihanna came before the lens for photographer Lorna Simpson’s “beauty of modern times” themed frames.

“I like to challenge myself,” Rihanna says, posing in private. said.

When the artist shared the frames named ‘On the Ground and in the Sky’ on Instagram, it gained nearly 7 million likes.

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Rihanna’s Makeup and Beauty Secrets

“Rihanna, always fascinated by her beauty, pays attention to skin care at least as much as her style. The world-famous singer, who also launched her own cosmetics brand, is also talked about for her beauty claim. Here are Rihanna’s beauty secrets, emphasizing the importance of having a healthy skin …”

Pays attention to regular skin care

The biggest secret to Rihanna’s smooth skin is that she regularly takes care of her skin. The singer, who never sleeps with make-up on her face, cleans her make-up after her stage is over and does not use products other than the brands she trusts for this. The beautiful star, who is also very meticulous about make-up, prefers products that will reveal her facial features and that have nourishing properties while covering the imperfections in her skin.

She’s taking care of her nutrition

Healthy and regular nutrition is another issue that Rihanna cares about. As far as possible, she doesn’t let her stage life deteriorate the quality of what he eats and he consumes plenty of water. As experts say, drinking water plays an effective role in making our skin glow. Besides, Rihanna is one of those who prefer to increase their meals… She eats five meals a day and also pays attention to getting protein, fruits and vegetables at these meals.

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She says we should distribute the foundation very well

Talking about beauty and makeup secrets with her posts, the singer says that the foundation should be suitable for your skin tone. Rihanna also mixes several colors and applies them at the same time instead of using a single foundation. She also recommends that you distribute the foundation thoroughly with a make-up sponge while applying.

Do not hesitate to apply contours

Expressing that another way to cover the imperfections on the face is through contoured makeup, the beautiful singer says that you can cover the puffiness and direct your face shape as you wish. Providing advice on how to apply the contour in her social media, Rihanna recommends that if you have full cheeks, you should keep the cheek part darker, and not to use light colors to highlight your chin.

Doesn’t come off without fixing her makeup

The singer, who also released make-up fixing powder in her own brand, argues that fixers should be used in order to keep all your efforts and keep your make-up fresh against the weather. Rihanna defies the intensity all day long with her powder that she keeps on going out.

Using concealer for under eye imperfections

Over time, bags and lines appear under your eyes due to fatigue or other reasons. Confident in makeup, Rihanna points out that under eye concealers instantly give a luminous look, making it look younger and more dynamic than you are.

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Pays extra attention to eye makeup

Eye makeup is as important as applying contours for Rihanna. The beautiful singer, who applies illuminator to the area where the eye flares are, applies light-colored headlights under her eyebrows, and finally, she prefers dark-colored headlights between the eyelids. You can also make your eye makeup flawless with this wonderful shading. Also, don’t forget to give your last stroke with a stunning mascara as a complement.

It makes your lips stand out

Rihanna loves to use dark colors in her stage make-up and in her daily life. The young star, who already has full lips, still favors clarifying lips with lip pencil. She also emphasizes the importance of lip care before lipstick and she always uses lip balm before makeup.