South Korean Gamer learned from social media that he was fired from the team

NY Excelsior, a New York-based esports team that said goodbye to Myunb0ng today, announced on Twitter that it said goodbye to South Korean professional Overwatch player Seo Sang-min. Sang-min, who learned on Twitter that he was fired from the team, could not hide his surprise.

Seo Sang-min, the username of Myunb0ng of the New York-based esports team fighting in the Overwatch game, learned on Twitter that he was fired from the team.

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South Korean player Seo Sang-min, who learned on Twitter that he was fired from the esports team, left many question marks under the tweet shared by the team, stating that he was unaware of what was going on.

“We want to thank Myunb0ng for his dedication and hard work with the team last year and wish him the best in all his future endeavours,” the NY Excelsior esports team posted on Twitter. After giving his words, it was announced that he was removed from the team.

After the actor was fired unannounced, a text of apology was shared on Twitter. “Today, we posted an announcement thanking Myunb0ng for her time with us, but we were unable to properly communicate with the team before this announcement was made.” NY Excelsior team announced that they took full responsibility and there was no excuse for what was done.

Apologizing for the miscommunication that put Myunb0ng in this situation, the team management wished the announcement of the breakup would be made more accurately, expressed gratitude to the player for the time he spent with them and wished him success for his future endeavors.

The team management, who told the team fans that such a mistake would not be repeated, stated that they have advanced the communication processes to prevent such a mistake from happening again.

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