Sophie Guidolin received criticism with the photo she shared

Australian mother of four and fitness phenomenon Sophie Guidolin has been criticized by other parents for posing in a thong bikini on her son’s birthday.

The mother, who posed with her thong next to her son, received reactions from other parents.

Sophie Guidolin, a mother-of-four fitness phenomenon residing in her luxury flat on the Gold Coast on the Pacific coast of southeast Queensland, Australia, organized a birthday party for her 15-year-old son.

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Sophie Guidolin stepped out of the beach and posed for her birthday in a thong bikini as her son’s birthday falls in the summer. He also shared this pose on his social media account. But after a short time, there were many reactions to his photo from other parents.

The parents criticized that the 32-year-old woman made such a choice on her son’s birthday and took a photo in this way. Criticism rained down on the young woman in a short time. Sophie responded to the criticism: “I don’t think it’s okay to wear a bikini in front of my kids. If you have a problem with me, you should communicate it in other ways”.

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