Sony has started all preparations for Days Gone’s movie

A news that will make Days Gone fans happy came from Sony. The company has now rolled up its sleeves to shoot a Days Gone movie. Here are the details.

Sony has started all preparations for days gones movie 2 gmspors

According to Deadline, Sony’s PlayStation Productions unit is developing a movie adaptation of the 2019 game. Outlander actor Sam Heughan will reportedly star in this production as well. Days Gone, which will be shot with the script written by X-Men: First Class writer Sheldon Turner, will attract a lot of attention. According to the deadline reports, the movie will be the kind of production that will win the hearts of motorcycle lovers.

After adaptations of critically acclaimed games like The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima have been greenlit, Days Gone may seem like an unusual choice for Sony. After all, even though the game has sold 9 million copies to date, it is one of the company’s least received titles. But Sony has had new success since it decided to port Days Gone to PC.

Almost every video on the subject speaks the same opinion: an experience worth your time. Steam reviews pretty much tell the same story. The game, which has a “Very Positive” rating among 26,146 applications, will also attract attention with its movie version. If there is a project that Sony should take a risk on, it is Days Gone. For this reason, filmmaking can be good, even if it does not explode as a game.

Days Gone is becoming a movie

Sony has started all preparations for days gones movie 1 gmspors

Yes folks, you heard it right: Days Gone is making a movie! Developed by Bend Studios and selling 9 million, Days Gone tells the story of our biker brother Deacon Saint John, after he lost his wife and the love of his life, in a post-apocalyptic theme. Written by Turner.

The character of Deacon Saint John in the movie will be played by the charismatic actor Sam Heughan, whom we know from the Outlander TV series. Jennifer Klein and Sheldon Turner will produce the film through their production company Vendetta Productions.

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