Son Na-eun Diet and Workout Schedule

Son Na-Eun, a multi-talented South Korean idol and actress, is widely recognized for her exceptional beauty and slim, toned physique. As a former member of the K-pop group “Apink,” she has garnered immense popularity and earned the nickname “Goddess Son Na-Eun” due to her captivating figure.

In addition to her successful career in music, Son Na-Eun has ventured into acting, making appearances in various movies and TV shows. Despite her busy schedule, she remains dedicated to maintaining her stunning physique through a well-balanced diet and regular workouts.

Son Na-Eun’s workout routine includes Pilates as the primary exercise, which she practices almost daily. She also incorporates Gyrotonics, a unique form of workout, into her fitness regimen. While Pilates helps her achieve a slim waistline and overall strength, the combination of these workouts contributes to her toned muscles and a fit body.

For those aspiring to follow her workout routine, engaging in Pilates five days a week for about an hour to two hours is recommended. Additionally, a home circuit routine, involving basic exercises with the option to add weights and resistance bands for increased difficulty, is advised two days a week.

As for her diet plan, Son Na-Eun has experimented with different methods over time. While she initially followed a salad and juice-based diet during her debut days, she later adopted a chicken-based diet. Currently, she enjoys more food freedom and practices moderation, though she maintains a balanced diet. Occasional indulgences are also part of her lifestyle.

Son Na-Eun’s diet includes nourishing items such as eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, chicken breast, rice, veggies, fruits, salmon, sweet potatoes, and more.

Son Na-Eun’s diet program


  • Eggs
  • Avocado toast


  • Smoothie


  • Grilled chicken breast
  • A small bowl of rice
  • Assorted vegetables
  • Soup

Evening Snack:

  • Fresh fruits or salad


  • Grilled salmon
  • Sweet potato
  • Assorted vegetables

Throughout the day, Son Na-Eun focuses on maintaining a well-balanced and nutritious diet. She includes protein-rich foods like eggs and chicken to support her active lifestyle and muscle health. Avocado and sweet potatoes provide essential healthy fats and carbohydrates for sustained energy.

For her snacks, Son Na-Eun opts for a refreshing smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals. She also enjoys fresh fruits and salads for added nutrients and hydration.

Her diet is designed to provide a good mix of macronutrients and micronutrients, helping her stay energized, fit, and healthy. However, she also allows herself occasional treats to maintain a healthy relationship with food and avoid strict restrictions.

Remember that every individual’s dietary needs and preferences may differ, so it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to create a personalized and sustainable diet plan.

Son Na-Eun Workout Routine

Son Na-Eun maintains her stunning figure with a consistent and effective workout routine. Her daily workouts include Pilates, which she loves and has been practicing for several years. Pilates helps her achieve a thin waistline, tone her muscles, and enhance her overall strength.

Additionally, she complements her Pilates sessions with a home circuit routine twice a week. This full-body circuit incorporates exercises like burpees, push-ups, squats, and lunges. Son Na-Eun sometimes adds weights and resistance bands to intensify the workout.

Her dedication to fitness is truly admirable, and her commitment to staying active reflects in her toned physique and radiant energy.

In short, friends:

Son Na-Eun is not only a talented singer, dancer, and actress but also a shining example of how dedication to fitness and a balanced lifestyle can lead to remarkable results. Her disciplined diet plan and regular workout routine showcase her commitment to overall health and well-being.

As fans, we are inspired by her journey and the positive influence she has on body image conversations. Son Na-Eun’s approach to fitness is a testament to the importance of finding exercises and dietary practices that work best for each individual.

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