Sofia Balbi talks to wife Luis Suarez about his new team

Luis Suarez expressed that he took his wife’s ideas in his transfer to the new team

Liverpool’s successful striker Luis Suarez said that he was disconnected from football during his youth, but his wife Sofia turned him back into football.

The 26-year-old star, who shared his memories with Uruguay in the book Vamos Que Vamos, the Guardian series at the 2010 World Cup, announced that his wife Sofia had a great direction in his football career.

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Suarez explained the impact of his wife Sofia on football life with the following words:

When my wife was 12 years old she knew I wanted to play football. But then my football life did not go well. I gave up completing my football training. Later, when my wife Sofia heard about this, she rebelled against me.

I was not doing the necessary training for football. I was a lazy actor. Football guided me when I met him and supported me to work harder. After Sofia came into my life, I broke a youth record by scoring 64 goals in my first club Nacional. It gave me a lot of confidence.

When Sofia moved to Barcelona, ​​I worked much harder to be with her and to be transferred to Europe. I really wanted to be very close to him, I worked more and more every day.

Luis Suarez married his wife Sofia, whom he met when he was 12, in 2009.

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Luis Suarez married his spouse Sofia Balbi in 2009. The couple with 3 children announced that they have a happy family. He stated that he exchanged ideas with his wife about Atlético Madrid, one of the biggest teams in Spain, where he was transferred.

Luis Suarez, one of the world’s most important strikers, stated that he had a happy family with his wife and family.

Sofia Balbi stated that she believes her husband will achieve great things in his new team.

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Sofia Balbi Spouse Luis Suarez’s ideas about her new team:

Sofia Balbi: The whole world knows about my wife’s performances in her former teams. Luis manages to be a complete professional striker. Although my wife is 33 years old, I think she can still physically play high-level matches.

He is a good family man and a very understanding person apart from football who is a very good father to his family and children.

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