Social media phenomenon Isabel Nicholls Nall in a bikini

Social media phenomenon Isabel Nicholls Nall gave advice with her bikini post! “Be nice,” said fans, who noticed the cellulite on the influencer’s legs.

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The phenomenon name Isabel Nicholls Nall, who is accepted as the representative of plus-size women on social media, added a new one to her brave posts and defended body positivity. The sharing of Nall, who rejected the standard perception of beauty in social media and argued that women should be happy in their own bodies, attracted attention on social media. Nall’s followers did not neglect to praise her underwear pose.

Isabel Nicholls Nall, a 22-year-old social media phenomenon living in Worcester, USA, has a large fan base with approximately 272 followers on Instagram. Nall, who completely rejects the perception that plus-size women should cover up their socially flawed aspects, emphasizes that every woman is beautiful. Nall, who argues that women should wear what they want and be comfortable as they want, turns fashion patterns upside down. Nall, who advocated that fashion should not be run over size zero, addressed women by making a bold statement with her underwear.

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The plus-size social media phenomenon challenged fashion taboos by posing on a roof in her orange floral-patterned lingerie set. Stating that women should love their bodies and themselves, Nall said, “You and your body are connected for the rest of your life. So be kind to her,” she added.

The sharing of the social media phenomenon managed to collect thousands of likes and comments in a short time. In addition to the comments praising the beauty of the social media phenomenon, many users congratulated her for her courage.

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