Social media phenom Holly McGuire made a fortune by sneezing

Social media phenomenon Holly McGuire‘s interesting way of making money surprises those who hear it. Phenomenal woman became the agenda after it was revealed that she earned 4 thousand pounds a month thanks to the sneezing and coughing videos she sent to her followers.

Social media phenomenon Holly McGuire earns thousands of dollars by sneezing, and her followers are quite happy with this.

Holly McGuire, one of the names who use social media effectively, announced interesting requests from her followers. Stating that his income has increased in the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the whole world, McGuire earns 4 thousand pounds a month by only videotaping the moments when she coughs and sneezes.

The methods of making money in social media, which has become a new source of income in the economy, are increasingly causing confusion. The way of making money of the phenomenon named Holly McGuire, who actively uses the Instagram account, has also taken its place among the interesting methods. The phenomenon woman pockets almost a fortune from the sneezing videos she takes upon request from her followers.

The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine practices it brought with it caused many people to lose their income. McGuire, who produces digital content as a social media phenomenon and also works as an actor, admitted that her income has increased thanks to the pandemic. The 42-year-old said her followers had requested videos of her sneezing and coughing. McGuire, who received payment as a result of these videos, also increased the number of her followers.

Stating that he sometimes makes video calls with his followers, McGuire said, “It is very difficult to sneeze when you want. That’s why I try to keep a black pepper shaker with me for calls. They bring the phone closer to hear me. “I pretend to sneeze or cough loudly,” she said. Stating that he also wore a mask during video interviews, McGuire admitted that he acted as if he had coronavirus in some cases.

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