Sky Shantal grows fan base on Tiktok

Sky Shantal seems to be able to reach 1 million followers with her posts on Tiktok. She also manages to use her Twitter power on Tiktok very well.

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She is on Tiktok with the username @okhp. TIKTOK HAS CLOSE TO 7 MILLION LIKES.

She also has 650 thousand followers on Tiktok. She usually does not produce videos based on trending topics. She’s busy getting in front of the camera and raising the libido of her fans. Sky Shantal is also a phenomenon that earns a lot of money from social media.

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Shantal Sky, 21, an understudy in the Miami region became famous online after a colleague took a video of her and presented it via virtual entertainment.

Shantal is a maker on the well known stage “OnlyFans” and, as indicated by Shantal, her OnlyFans is one of the principal ways she paid her direction through school.

Back in March, Shantal introduced before her Finance 101 class about ways of paying your direction through school. She fundamentally examined her OnlyFans and how she communicates with folks on her page consistently, who she says “care” about her life.

Not saying most folks don’t “give it a second thought” about her, yet on an OnlyFans page it’s really clear what most folks are there for.

Last week, a video surfaced of Shantal and her money teacher in a warmed contention after class. The instructor tore into her and her OnlyFans page, remarking on how a large portion of the folks on her page couldn’t care less about her.

“I truly wouldn’t fret individuals’ thought process of me and what I do on OnlyFans. I have a great time and have met a ton of good individuals on the stage,” says Shantal.

In the event that you might want to help the 21yr old Miami understudy, you can see her yourself on her OnlyFans as she’s made it free for the following 24hrs for all Chivers.

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