A few hot shots from the experienced model Siray Kong

With her Siray Kong bikini and sexy bunny girl costume, she showed us that we need to focus on her again. Continuing her modeling career for many years and one of the most well-known Asian women in America, Siray continues to share sexy poses on social media.

Siray Kong is an Actress Trending Instagram Star and Model. She is well known for her delightful and appealing character. She has Huge Fan Following on Instagram.

A few hot shots from the experienced model siray kong 1 gmspors

Siray Kong isn’t your run of the mill model. In the first place, the Cambodian-American model is a 5 foot 1 inch dynamo with a phenomenal body that can demonstrate any dress whether it be unmentionables, bathing suits, relaxed or high fashion. She is one of the top vehicle young lady models in the business and has become massively famous all through web-based entertainment which is the reason some diversion onlookers figure she would be an extraordinary resource for a film.

At the point when you are a model who is known to men all through both the United States and Asia in light of your glimmering looks you are viewed as a real ‘consideration grabber’ and film ‘attract’ to movie producers.

She is known all through the hip-bounce music world for appearance in a few music recordings and in May 2014 was envisioned with the hotshot rap performer ‘Snoop Dogg‘. Notwithstanding, photos of her on the Internet show her various characters while demonstrating different dress that have a few producers thinking she is somewhat unique in relation to the typical vehicle young lady/video model.

She is a model who never appears to give a similar take a second look and has a devilish, sexy edge that many fans and watchers find extremely tempting which is the reason is the reason her true capacity is so engaging for producers. Siray Kong has turned into a dream lady for some men and as such is a model who is prepared to take the action into motion pictures, whether it be in a ‘short’ film or as a femme fatale in free film.

Siray Kong, a model who has the body, face and fame both in the United States and Asia which would make her an extraordinary resource for a film and will probably before long be found in one soon.

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