Singer shocked at Vinka’s response to harassment on stage

Images of a kicked reaction to harassment on stage from singer Vinka were talked about a lot.

Ugandan singer Vinka kicked a spectator who abused him while she was performing. After the images reflected on the cameras, Vinka did not take a break from her concert.

Singer shocked at vinkas response to harassment on stage gmspors

Ugandan singer Veronica Luggya, known as ‘Vinka‘, kicked an audience touching her body while performing in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

The image captured on the camera shows Vinka kicking the person in question twice to protect himself.

While Vinka did not comment on the incident, he retweeted the posts that gave her a support message on Twitter.

Vinka, who gave birth last January, took a year off from her music life.

The Artist Who Started The Stage To An Audience Abusing Herself at the Concert.

In addition to why we’re tired of men, Ugandan artist Vinka was harassed onstage during a performance and gave a well-deserved kick to her “fan” who tried to touch him.

In a viral video of the singer performing in South Sudan, it was seen that someone in the front row at the concert was reaching out and touching their private areas. Vinka then fought and after safety broke in between them, she walked away to maintain the rest of her performance.

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