Singer Lali Espósito in the middle of the World Cup final

Singer Lali Espósito’s confession in the middle of the World Cup final that “I seriously thought about singing naked with the Argentine flag” Lali Espósito fell into a state of harassment during the final.

Argentine artist Lali Espósito was responsible for singing the lines of the Argentine National Anthem before the Qatar 2022 World Cup final. She talked about how things have been since he went to the World Cup as a fan, but during the offer she described how she felt at the moment: “I felt a range of emotions that I couldn’t have imagined months ago. I felt nervous, excited and happy”

These statements were made in an interview with the famous Spanish program El Hormiguero, and he explained all the details of that masterful moment, which he stated was announced 20 hours before the final: “I was partying in Qatar, having fun, overnight. Walk more like a tourist. It was a test. He also stated that his voice was hoarse from the World Cup party in the days before the final.

“Pepo called me and said they wanted me to sing the anthem in the World Cup final and I started crying, I can’t do that. And I was with a group of good people, friends, who started saying, ‘You’re the woman who will sing the anthem in the World Cup final, come on, you can do it’. You feel that you have no talent there, that you cannot do it, that you are not worthy of such an opportunity. And I was very nervous in the preview, very much”, Lali Esposito told about the phone call she received and the unique opportunity to be the lead role in a World Cup Final.

“It’s six in the afternoon, going to the mall to buy something to wear. I’m half dwarf, so everything is too big for me, so I try on dresses of all brands and cry in all the dressing rooms. Since I don’t have a dress, I seriously considered singing naked with the Argentine flag. I finally found that beautiful dress, bought it and made a look.I bought the dress at 10 pm, hours later the singer confessed in the final where Argentina would be the world champion.

In addition, another anecdote and problem was the melody of the National Anthem. Lali Espósito then explained: “The next day at 11 am I was at the dress rehearsal. FIFA staff shouting, gringos saying things I don’t understand. For those who don’t know, the key to the national anthem is very low for a woman. “I talked to my producer in Argentina and we sent someone responsible for the production of the World Cup,” he said.

Finally, he said they didn’t put the piece: “I pray to a god they put that piece, whatever it is. I went out, surrendering myself to fate, thinking about my father, my friends with painted faces from Argentina, watched TV and it all came down to something as simple as ‘I don’t know how to say it’. , but I say it with my heart that matters in these circumstances . ‘” Finally they played the chant in the artist’s tone and everything went very well.

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