Singer Campino Secretly Married – Who is Campino Wife?

Tote Hosen singer Campino is married – Who’s His Wife In Secret?

Tote Hosen singer Campino is married – and has been married since 2019. However, the rock star prefers not to reveal who his wife is. The German singer is trying to hide the identity of his wife, whom he secretly married in 2019. However, despite Campino trying to hide his wife, it was revealed who his wife was.

  • At 58, the singer of “Tote Hosen” dared again: Campino got married
  • The wedding took place last year
  • Campino remains silent about who the new woman with him is.
  • You can find out why this is so here
  • At the age of 58, Tote-Hosen soloist Campino is in a small circle and got married last year. Actually, the punk singer named Andreas Frege does not reveal who his wife is.

Campino, in an interview with “Rheinische Post”; The two celebrated their wedding in New York in 2019. It was always clear that I would only get married once in my life. I wanted to keep this for the right person, ”Campino said.

The singer Campino stated that there are reasons for his wife hiding. Campino made clear statements about his wife, whom he married last year.

Campino got married: Why does his wife sometimes call him “Philip”?

His wife sometimes calls him “Philip” – “because sometimes I run a few steps behind him like Prince Philip the Queen,” said the 58-year-old. The rock star, the son of a British mother last year, acquired British citizenship as well as German.

Campinos’ “Street of Hope” book appears on Monday. How I once became the English master of the singer. In it, he talks about his season as a Liverpool FC fan. Also, Toten Hosen’s new album will be released in November.

Tote Hosen singer Campino describes the days of his hearing loss in 2018:

Berlin. Campino says it would be a “personal disaster”: Toten Hosen’s chief man suffered a sudden hearing loss last year, and he feared the doctors would put an end to his career as a musician.

“I don’t want to imagine what would happen if the doctors said at that moment: you would be deaf at another concert,” said the 56-year-old actress, whose real name is Andreas Frege from “Stuttgarter Zeitung”. Because the situation could have become existential, documentary producer Cordula Kablitz-Post did not allow her to come to the hospital with him. The producer accompanied the group to shoot the documentary “Because you only live once”, which is currently in theaters.

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