How Did The Simpsons Killer Bees Know?

A new one has been added to the Simpsons prediction of some real events, called the cartoon that knows the future 27 times. This time the series came to the agenda with the claim that killer bees knew beforehand.

Simpsons Killer Bee Prophecy

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The animated series, The Simpsons, which came to the fore with claims that he predicted the future events, claimed that this time there was a section showing the giant hornets of Asian origin called “Vespa mandarinia” in America. In this section, bees 3 centimeters in size and 5 centimeters in size cause panic after arriving in the USA. In a part of the series, the townspeople gathered and the character of the series is Dr. It seems that he asked Hibbert to ‘find a cure for a disease’ and the doctor says the only remedy is bed rest. Thereupon, the people panicly accidentally release the dangerous killer bees in the safe inside a truck.

The famous USA TV Series Simpsons comes to the fore with many prophecies. The producers of the famous series, on the other hand, are contented with saying only this by chance. They were especially talked about when Donald Trump knew how to be elected president.


The series writer Bill Oakley replied to the statement “Exactly,” as a Simpson fan’s social media account published in 1993, just as we continued when this episode ended, learn almost nothing from it and then continue to do something more stupid. Washington State University (WSU) researchers stated that this species, which is seen in the USA recently and known as the biggest bee in the world with its height reaching 5 centimeters, can cause death if it stings a person several times. This type of bees is therefore called killer bees. The poisons of the bees nicknamed the “killer wasps” can kill about 50 people a year from locals living in East Asia.

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United States Killer Bees

United States With many cases, this period was in trouble. After the coronavirus epidemic spreading around the world, “USA”, which has entered into a very difficult process, is also forced to deal with Asian killer bees. These killer bees, especially deadly, are still in the form of a conspiracy theory of how they came to the continent of America.

Bill O’Reilly made a comedy statement for these Simpsons prophecies. Especially “Bill O’Reilly” laughed about this, whether the Simpsons producers are coming from the future, Direk jokes.

The famous presenter for the famous animation series simpsons in the USA: I think this series makes very accurate predictions. Do they know when to divorce my wife?

Many social media users criticize the Prophecies of The Simpsons TV Series. Especially such coincidence estimates seem to make a suspicion for people.

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