SIMPSONS Presidential election with prophecies about Donald Trump’s election in the US

The most watched cartoon series in the world, “SIMPSONS” again became the focus of interesting prophecies. Famous basketball player Kobe Bryant
The series, which knew how it died before, now brings to mind the death of the US President.

The Simpsons: What are the predictions of Donald Trump, the series essay writers?

From VIP appearances and now and again anticipating the future, The Simpsons set the benchmark for other vivified sitcoms.
“You’re in a live with 10 to 20 extremely interesting individuals,” author Al Jean discloses to Radio 1 Newsbeat. He’s been with Bart and the remainder of the family since 1989 when the show started.
“So perhaps the best thing is when Trump accomplishes something moronic and you have many individuals who can poke fun at it immediately.”
“Be that as it may, he says, “there are certainly a ton of interruptions”.

They’re the most-famous animated family on the planet and have been entertaining viewers for more than 30 years.

Particularly the very late cases via web-based networking media shook the world and everyone stated, ‘Has USA President Donald Trump kicked the bucket?’ started to search for the response to the inquiry. The claims that Donald Trump passed on were out of nowhere episode. The pictures that came after him affirmed the claims. Before long, the predictions of the world-celebrated TV arrangement The Simpson and Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga rung a bell. Here are the subtleties of the Donald Trump claims.

The famous TV series Simpsons’ claim that US President Trump predicted to die in 2019 was among the interesting shares. However, this prophecy of the Simpsons series has not (yet) been realized.
Neither The Simpsons’s prophecies nor prophecies about Donald Trump are limited.According to this prophecy, there will be a woman who heads America after Trump. Considering that Trump is already the president and competing with a woman candidate, this theory seems likely to come true.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg knew she would come !

Many theories have been made about climate activist Greta Thunberg. Although World Pollution is mostly on the US and China side, complaints from other countries have shown that Greta is a pawn.Climate activist Greta Thunberg had previously shown the same speech made by Simpsons to draw attention to environmental pollution of a young girl.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s bodyguards harass journalist

Greeks’ protection was blocked by journalist Keean Bexte, a Canadian journalist for Rebel News, to interview 17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg during a protest march. Bexte announced in a news article that the guards were harming him.When Bexte tried to reach Greta to ask questions, she stated that Thunberg had received a brutal treatment from her bodyguards. Bexte was asked by the bodyguards to show his press identity and was told that it was illegal to be there.

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