Shocking quotes about Robert Lewandowski Jürgen Klopp

Robert Lewandowski said Liverpool Manager Jürgen Klopp was a “bad teacher” who led the Polish player on the road to stardom.

Robert Lewandowski talked about his relationship with his former teacher Jürgen Klopp from Dortmund.

Speaking to The Players’ Tribune, the Polish star said, “For me, Jürgen was not only a father figure but a bad teacher as a coach. You don’t remember someone. You remember your bad teacher who was tough on you and pressured you to get the most out of you. Isn’t that the profile of the teacher that healed you? That’s Jürgen Klopp. ” said.

Stating that the experienced manager always wanted to improve his students, Lewandowski said, “Jürgen would never let your students be lazy. Successful students would wait in front of him. He would want this not for himself, but for his students.” He spoke in the form.

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