Sheyenne Shea receives death threats from her followers

US social media phenomenon Sheyenne Shea reacted to her Turkish followers

The American phenomenon shared in Turkish after being exposed to harassment messages from Turkish men. American phenomenon Sheyenne Shea posted on social media stating that she was subjected to harassment and threats from Turkish men. “For months I have been receiving messages from Turkish men with death threats and more. Please leave me alone,” Shea said.

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US social media phenomenon Sheyenne Shea announced that she was harassed by Turkish men with her posts in both English and Turkish. Shea, “I have no hatred against Turkey but I am sick and tired of the harassment. Please leave me alone and get my personal sense of respect,” she said.

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Sheyenne Shea: I’m Tired of Harassment Now

In the story Sheyenne Shea Instagram sharing out, “I will refer this matter for the last time. I have no hatred against Turkey but I’m tired of harassment, I’m tired. For months now I get messages containing death threats and more by Turkish men. Please leave me alone, and personal and Respect personal space recognition . You can show your love like this. Thank you “.

“I have been receiving messages from Turkish men for months with death threats and more” Beautiful social media user Sheyenne Shea reacted to her Turkish followers. Sheyenne Shea claims that she is not only Turkish followers but also people from many different ethnic groups.

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For those who don’t know, let’s introduce you to Sheyenne Shea …

  • Sheyenne is an American phenomenon.
  • You can remember Sheyenne Shea, who enchanted everyone with her beauty, on Twitter.
  • Recently, comments were made about Shea’s body, such as ‘fish meat’, although they had no limits on Twitter.
  • Not able to withstand rude comments like the ones you saw above, Sheyenne posted on her Instagram account.

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