Shay Mitchell’s reaction to the BICYCLE tiktok trend

Shay Mitchell, Canadian actress, got a backlash from her fans with her reaction to the BICYCLE trend on Tiktok.

Shay Mitchell has sent her fans into a fit by partaking in the “On the off chance that you distinguish as a sexually open, do you own a green velvet sofa?” pattern on TikTok.

The Little Liars star has been vocal about being drawn to ladies, yet never put a mark on her sexuality.

She has somewhat spoken about falling head over heels for an individual, regardless of their orientation.

However, here’s the reason Shay’s new TikTok video has gathered a ton of consideration.

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SHAY MITCHELL Partakes IN THE Sexually unbiased TIKTOK Pattern

On October 5, Shay did a two part harmony with TikTok client @keepitspooky while taking part in a recent fad that evidently lays out one’s sexuality.

The TikToker inquires: “In the event that you recognize as a sexually unbiased, do you possess a green velvet sofa?”

In response to this, the entertainer decisively rests on her own green love seat, without affirming or it she’s sexually unbiased to reject that.

Fans rushed to accept that the entertainer had quite recently emerged as sexually unbiased and they overwhelmed her video with remarks.

@shaymitchell #duet with @keepitspooky #Stitch ♬ original sound – Kayla 🙂

One stated: “Is this an approaching out video? How did I not have a clue about this? Bunches of adoration shay, my experience growing up crush.”

One more added: “Yes! It’s about damn time… welcome to the club.”

“Stand by… .does this mean our sovereign is sexually open? I’m shouting.”


While Shay’s TikTok doesn’t lay out assuming that she’s sexually open, the entertainer has conceded to being drawn to ladies.

Last year, during her discussion with her co-star Ian Harding, when gotten some information about the last time she’s been drawn to a lady, Shay answered:

“Goodness. Consistently. For my purposes, it’s never been ‘I really want to find a sweetheart, I really want to view this as, I genuinely feel as I truly do become hopelessly enamored with an individual.”

Discussing her Little Liar character, Emily, who was a piece of the LGBTQ+ people group, Shay told in a 2017 meeting:

“See, Emily doesn’t name herself, and I don’t mark myself all things considered. I become hopelessly enamored with the soul of someone. Love will be love, and that is something that I’ll continue to say.”


For the unversed, Shay has been involved with her sweetheart Matte Babel beginning around 2017.

Several offers two girls together. They invited their most memorable kid Map book Noa in 2017 and their second girl Rome was brought into the world in May 2022.

Both Shay and Matte hail from Canada. The last option is referred to for filling in as a host on shows like CP24 and working with Diversion This evening Canada as a journalist.

He has likewise functioned as an expert for a few presumed brands including Nike’s sub-mark NOCTA.


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