Sharon Stone made shocking confessions

Confessions from Sharon Stone: My throat was cut, lightning was struck …

Sharon Stone, one of Hollywood’s famous actors, announced that he had returned from the dead three times. “Lightning was struck, my throat was cut and I was paralyzed,” Stone said.

The famous American actress Sharon Stone announced that she came face to face with death three times. Having had a stroke years ago, Stone said that his throat was cut and struck by lightning.

Famous actress Sharon Stone, who was memorized with the film Basic Instinct and became one of the unforgettable names of Hollywood, made striking statements.

Speaking to the British newspaper The Sun, 62-year-old Stone said that he was in danger of death three times. Stone described her first experience with the words, “When I was 14, my neck was cut by a clothesline.”

Stating that the second horrible event that happened to him was a lightning strike, Stone said, “We had our own well in the house. I was filling with water and my hand was on the pump. When lightning struck the well, an electric current spread from the water. I took off from the floor and was thrown across the kitchen. My mother hit me in the face and awakened me ”he said.

Stone had a stroke in 2001 and recovered after nearly 2 years of treatment and returned to the big screen.

Famous actress said she returned from death three times

  • “When I was 14, my neck was cut off by a clothesline by 16 inches (0.15875 cm) from my neck vein,” Stone said. said.
  • The actress said, “Lightning hit, it was really violent. I was at home, we had our own well. I was filling the iron with water and my hand was on the pump. Lightning fell into the well and the electric current was released from the water. it made me awake. ” He spoke in the form.
  • The 62-year-old star was hospitalized after suffering a stroke in 2001 and had to take a two-year break from acting.

Sharon Stone: The director deceived me

US actress Sharon Stone confessed in an interview this week about her famous scene in the movie Basic Instinct. The confession that came after 22 years surprised the actor’s fans.

Speaking about the famous scene of the movie directed by Paul Verhoeven, Stone explained that the director betrayed him. “I didn’t know that the interrogation scene was going to be erotic,” said the star actress. “Verhoeven asked me to take off my white panties because he was seen on camera and promised me that I wouldn’t be seen anywhere. We finished shooting weeks later and we watched the movie before we went to Cannes. I was shocked when I saw the scene. I stood up and slapped him ”.

“It was his betrayal that shocked me,” said Stone, who gained world fame with the scene in the movie. If I were the director, I would use this scene again. However, it should have warned me. It was disrespectful, ”he said.


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