Shaking the World and Your Eardrums on the Flume Roadrunner

The floor is pressed to the edge with college kids and rave young ladies the same, crushed towards the blockade all sitting tight for Australian electronic music maker Flume. Elbows are tossed and hair is whipped around as the lights at long last faint for Flume after head bopping to two hours of heart pounding, bass knocking blends from the openers Prospa and I. Jordan. However, it’s worth the effort.

Flume dashes in front of an audience wearing a hustling suit with what resemble neon yellow snow boots to prod with a development into fan main tune “The Distinction.” The group liquefies into one unit and the energy shakes the setting. Easily, he changes into quite possibly of his most famous track “You and Me,” a remix of an Exposure tune highlighting Eliza Doolittle. Everybody’s hands wave to and fro as this 2013 hit moves the scene back to when we were all less complex. This is circled back to a quick moving concoction of his melodies “Holdin’ On” and “Drop the Game.” Roadrunner is loaded up with drum and bass that skip off the walls as Flume masterfully slides between his DJ boards. Everyone’s eyes are either on him or up above, where projections of blossoms and plants paint the roof.

The following couple of tunes cheerfully obscure together to match the development of the horde gazing toward Flume. The stage configuration includes a layered curve over the DJ that severs into pieced levels and moves around behind and to the sides of him. Trippy visuals with mutilated blossoms, colors, and other garbled recordings are projected onto the curve. The hands waving up high are shadowed onto the lower part of the stage. Flume plummets into a brief breakdown where he blends between techno, mutilation, house music, hyper-pop, and fundamentally every electronic classification he’s shrouded in his set of experiences.

Giving the crowd’s eardrums a slight break, Flume switches into “Restless,” a track with a consistent energy driven by controlled vocals. The show is approaching the end Flume actually hasn’t given the crowd the specific track they’ve been shouting for since before the craftsman even came on stage:a six moment remix of “Tennis Court” by Lorde that he appeared at Coachella in 2014. The melody is just accessible on SoundCloud, where it has earned more than 60 million tunes in. At the point when he begins playing it, the mosh goes considerably more insane with each beat drop and doesn’t stop until the blend is finished. Drinks are spilled and shoestrings are unfastened however happiness is emanating at Roadrunner.

Flume returns rapidly for a reprise a couple of moments past 12 PM. The understudies that pack the group appear to be noticeably thankful in light of the fact that, all things considered, it is a Sunday night and essentially a couple have morning classes to make. The reprise is an electro pop combination of “new stuff,” per Flume. It’s mystical and the ideal farewell for a late night show.

Bubble meshes mix into shirts as everybody beelines to the Ubers outside. The breeze is cold however the thrill from Flume’s set is still in the air. Also, it’s keeping us warm.

Flume tickets in Boston at Roadrunner on Sun, Oct 2, 2022


For as long as decade, Flume has been overwhelming the music world with his entrancing and conceptual sytheses that stir the faculties. Brought into the world as Harley Edward Streten, the Australian maker has a new methodology with regards to working out a vivid soundscape that rotates around the quest for artistic liberty. Originating from a craving to do something contrary to what is ordinarily upgraded for the calculation, Flume’s procedure includes winding around layers that are bound with thoughtfulness and interest. As somebody who doesn’t effectively look for the spotlight for himself, he generally makes his colleagues sparkle.

Following the huge accomplishment from his 2012 presentation collection, Flume’s sophomore collection, Skin, procured him a Grammy Grant in 2017. With an end goal to keep gathering the speed, he delivered the Skin Buddy EPs which got positive gathering from fans and pundits the same. From that point forward, Flume has left on featuring visits in arenas across the globe and a considerable lot of his singles have topped the…

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