Sexy Model Using Bad Expressions About Cristiano Ronaldo Jasmine Lennard is in good shape of pregnancy

Lennard, Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend, shared harsh posts about the Portuguese player. It was learned that 35-year-old sexy model Jasmine Lennard is pregnant from her Arab boyfriend. Jasmine Lennard had been on the agenda for a while with her statements about the world famous football player.

Sexy model using bad expressions about cristiano ronaldo jasmine lennard is in good shape of pregnancy 2 gmspors

Simon Cowell’s former Jasmine Lennard became pregnant after getting engaged to billionaire Mohammad Al Saif

Astounding TV star and Simon Cowell’s ex Jasmine Lennard has uncovered she’s prepared to have a child from extremely rich person Mohammad Al Saif. Jasmine Lennard expressed that they had exceptionally hot evenings with her Milyader beau. Jasmine Lennard is getting ready to have a child with her rich Arab beginning darling.

Taking to Instagram to declare their news, the mum-of-one stated: “Annnnd some different news I need to impart to you all…(❁´◡`❁)(●’◡’●) – We love you SO much as of now child Alsaif. We’re SO energized. We can hardly wait to meet you!!!”

Jasmine – who had a concise toss with BGT judge Simon – uncovered she had got drawn in to Saudi guard industry master Mohammed back in December.

At the time she flaunted her £800,0000 12-and-a-half carat ring and revealed to The Sun: “He marks each container for me.

“He’s beginning and end I ever wanted and I feel extremely, fortunate wedding the most astonishing man and love of my life.”

The steamy star won a multitude of fans showing up in hit shows including Make Me a Supermodel and Celebrity Big Brother.

Jasmine, who was sought after from in a correctional facility by Britain’s most brutal criminal Charles Bronson, has since a long time ago discarded her long periods of unscripted television, turning down a not insignificant rundown of ongoing offers.

She uncovered Mohammed, 33, won her heart subsequent to nursing her during a “time of damnation”.

The couple, who have dated for a very long time, solidified their future together subsequent to adapting to the passing in June of Jasmine’s money manager father Brian Lennard, the author of Sacha shoes who set up Gamblers Anonymous in the UK.

Jasmine says her son Phoenix hero is interested in her new fiancee

“At that point I endured awfully after I saved a wanderer little cat in Dubai and got a one out of many tropical infection.

“My father biting the dust was the most difficult and damaging experience of my life.

“I’ve had tough situations, yet Mohammed has been my stone all through.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what I would’ve managed without this man in the most recent year. I wouldn’t have through it.

Sexy model using bad expressions about cristiano ronaldo jasmine lennard is in good shape of pregnancy 1 gmspors

Jasmine Lennard milyalder is very happy with her boyfriend

“I was so sick from the cat’s illness that I thought I was going to die. It was horrible and my body was covered with wounds that I would have for a lifetime.

“I had to vacate my house and throw away all my furniture and clothes because the house was contaminated with cat fleas.

But Mohammed was with me throughout everything. He was there when he was the lowest and most sick.

Jasmine Lennard: Cristiano Ronaldo is bully, liar and psychopath, I will no longer watch your lies

“Ronaldo is a bully, a liar and a psychopath,” said Jasmine Lennard, a British model who had a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo 10 years ago. Lennard wrote that he would assist Kathryn Mayorga, who claims he was raped by Ronaldo, with the evidence he has.

Jasmine Lennard, who had been with the Portuguese star of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo for a while and announced that she had met the Portuguese footballer 18 months ago, made striking claims on her Twitter account.

“People would be shocked if they knew what Ronaldo was like,” Lennard said.

Jasmine continued her words as follows:

“I’m not going to sit back and watch Ronaldo lie anymore. I will help Kathryn Mayorga. Nobody would believe what I was going to say, but luckily I’m a smart girl and I have valuable messages and evidence. “

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