Sexy model Hayley Maxfield in a bikini on Instagram

Hayley Maxfield closed the books and showed her fans that she is a very special woman with her hot bikinis. Hayley, who has half a million followers on Instagram, chose a modeling career that emphasizes her beauty instead of her old profession and continues to rise rapidly.

Of course, she’s no longer an accountant, even though it’s been almost three years. She’s a model for the bikini and social influencer, with 555,000 followers on Instagram these days.

“I was so inspired by other models that they were able to create thousands of followers and careers for themselves by photographing their bodies and collaborating with brands,” she tells us about her transition from an accountant’s suit to a model swimsuit.

“I started posting a lot of bikini photos and gradually started increasing my followers. From there I caught the attention of a popular swim brand [BoutineLA] and went to Los Angeles to take a picture with them. “Once they started posting me, my followers really started growing.”

Within months, Rebels signed with MGMT and began building a portfolio of skills needed to build a professional career. Not bad for the youngest daughter of an insurance salesman from Kansas City, Missouri. Hayley was born there, but spent half her childhood in Wisconsin and New York. Finally tired of the cold, they moved to Florida when he was eight years old.

“My parents used to say I was a very strange kid growing up.

On Instagram with the username @hayleytothemax. The fan base she gained on social media also helped her increase her earnings. She also reveals what a hot woman she is, especially when she started to be among the Instagram models.

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