Sexy Actress and Model Julia Wieniawa Criticizes a Photo

22-year-old sexy actress and model Julia Wieniawa fascinates her followers with her photos on Instagram. However, Julia Wieniawa was also on the agenda with her criticism for an old photo.

Julia Wieniawa complains about her “worst photo ever” on Wikipedia

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Julia Wieniawa complained to Instagram fans that she didn’t like the photo showing her biography on Wikipedia. “Why is there my worst picture from my worst times ever?

Julia Wieniawa is one of the most popular Poles, and her biography is detailed on the Polish Wikipedia. Internet users can learn about acting and music career, and remember social and advertising campaigns the celebrity participated in. But there is one problem that Julia Wieniawa noticed – a negative photo.

The actor complained to his fans in his Instagram report that he did not like the illustration on his Wikipedia page. He cannot change the photo himself.

“I’m farting, why is my worst picture from my worst times ever on Wikipedia? I don’t know who added this photo, (…) but tell me if it could be changed somehow and maybe some of you can change it” Pleeease “- asked the actor.

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Julia Wieniawa complains about her photo on Wikipedia

As a Pleiad, we respond to Julia Wieniawa’s request as quickly as possible and set out to help her. While every internet user has the right to edit Wikipedia content, changing a photo requires active participation in the sister project Commons Wikimedia.

More importantly, anyone who uploads a particular photo to Wikipedia must have exclusive ownership rights. We have one of the best – we hope! – Pictures of Julia Wieniawa taken at the Pleiades 2019 Grand Premiere.

Just a few clicks, upload your photo to the Commons Wikimedia database and … it’s ready. There is a new photo of Julia Wieniawa on Wikipedia and the page looks like this:

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I am sharing. Why do I have my worst photo on Wikipedia, from my worst times ever? I don’t know who wrote my bio on Wikipedia because it wasn’t me – the asterisk swears.

Julia Wieniawa captivated with her bikini photo

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Julia Wieniawa in a little bikini was sunbathing on the terrace of her home. The actress praised her hot Instagram session. By the way, it was obvious who was spying on him. A famous “Top Model” star.

Julia Wieniawa recently had fun with Nikodem Rozbicki on an exotic vacation. The star boasted of resting in Zanzibar, Egypt and Barcelona. However, he had to refute his irresponsibility claims and ignore the dangers of the pandemic. Wieniawa explained that she and her partner had already passed COVID-19, they also went through regular testing and therefore did not feel the need to limit themselves to travel.

The former star of “” has been resting for several weeks in his luxury apartment in Żoliborz, where he moved before Christmas. You can occasionally see tastefully finished interiors on Instagram. Wieniawa also had a wooden Balinese-style floor and a magnificent terrace with an impressive collection of exotic plants. In the privacy of the house arranged in this way, the “Nobody will be able to sleep in the forest today” star recently had its first sunbathing. She didn’t have to hide from anyone, so she decided to wear a pretty scrawny bikini.

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The first May sun encouraged Julia Wieniawa to sunbathe on the terrace. The 22-year-old wore a stringed bikini, which barely kept her charm. However, the actress has something to be proud of – her figure looks extraordinary thanks to regular yoga.