Sergio Perez talks about his incident with Charles Leclerc

Sergio Perez’s latest statements about his affair with Charles Leclerc have confused them. Perez ‘didn’t feel comfortable with his behavior’ after events with Leclerc

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez says he is not comfortable with his own behavior after forcing Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to go off-track twice at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez knocks Harles Leclerc off the track twice

Perez and Leclerc were fighting for eighth place on lap 41 at the Red Bull Ring, but the Mexican driver forced the Ferrari driver off the track at Turn 4 and Leclerc entered the gravel road.

The Red Bull driver was penalized with a five-second timeout shortly after the incident, but this time at Turn 6, Perez received a second five-second penalty from the FIA ​​referees.

Speaking after the race, Perez apologized for his defensive behavior and said he was “not that type of driver” and “didn’t feel comfortable about it”.

“I’m very particular about Charles because I don’t race like that,” said the Mexican driver, who finished fifth on the track and dropped to sixth after a penalty.

Sergio perez talks about his incident with charles leclerc gmspors

“I’m not the kind of driver who races like that. We had a lot of dirty air ahead, very hot tires and brakes. We were trying to brake as late as possible.”

“I haven’t seen what happened yet but I’m very sorry if I affected Charles’s race because he’s such a good driver, he’s always pushing the boundaries and I’m the same. So I’m not happy with my own behavior.” “

When asked by if he had spoken to Leclerc after the race, Perez said: “Yes, I told you what happened, but it was definitely not enough.”

“It’s not nice to have a problem like that, but for me he knows everything and I’m not that kind of driver. I didn’t feel comfortable with my own behavior either.”

The first contact between Perez and Leclerc was Perez’s contact with Lando Norris at Turn 4. After this incident, Norris was given a five-second penalty.

Speaking about the incident with Norris, Perez said that he thought Norris was ahead of him and that he was lucky that the British pilot was not harmed.

“The incident with Norris was in the first round. He managed to get through this without incident, but next time it could be very different.”

“It only happened on the first lap. I felt like I was ahead and kicked me off the track, but that’s fair because we’re racing.”

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