Sergio Agüero signs partnership agreement with AORUS company for Esports team

Sergio Agüero, one of the most important strikers of world football, is growing his investment in Esports. The world-famous football player provided all the computers and equipment of his team with the partnership agreement he made with the AORUS company.

KRÜ Esports team, owned by Manchester City and Argentina’s key player Sergio Agüero, signed a partnership agreement with AORUS.

Professional football player Sergio Agüero, who is also a strict Esports player, had invested in the sector. Agüero, who played games such as FIFA in his spare time due to the canceled matches during the pandemic period, also attracted great attention by broadcasting and gathering gamers on the screen.

Agüero, AORUS company and Esports team

Agüero, who showed his experience in competitive games as well as in football during the pandemic, founded KRÜ Esports after he decided to enter the sector. AORUS, developed by GIGABYTE, will provide the computers and equipment needed by the team within the organization.

With this announcement, KRU has also announced its partnerships with the company. While KRÜ and AORUS announced the goals of the organization, “We want to move our organization to the top in Europe and America.” expressed with the expressions.

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Sergio Leonel “Kún” Agüero del Castillo is an Argentine national football player who played for Manchester City FC. He is working at the location of Agüero Santrafor. He is also the son-in-law of Diego Maradona, the legendary name of world football. The nickname “Kún” was named after the character “el Kun” in the cartoon that he loved so much as a child.

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