Seika Furuhata is a charming Japanese model with her beauty

Seika Furuhata (古畑星夏) is a Japanese actress and model represented by LesPros Entertainment. Special model for Seventeen and Nicola magazines.

Seika Furuhata in the morning drama and her beautiful body in a swimsuit complimenting each other

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Elite models of women’s fashion magazine “ViVi” (Kodansha), Nicole Fujita and Seika Furuhata, will appear in their swimsuits on the cover of the August issue of “ViVi”, which will be released on June 22. Mr. Fujita praised Mr. Furuhata and said, “A contraction like a real Barbie doll

I lived. I don’t need a body with one application and one bite! The shrinkage is great!” [Photo Feature] Nicole Fujita and Seika Furuhata The slim body has a big constriction on the lid.

Mr. Furuhata also said, “Nicol has a great way to finish off her abs and hips! I’m jealous of her because she’s got the lift and she has a nice vertical line on her stomach.”

The two modeled for the youth magazine “Nikola” (Shinchosha). Mr. Furuhata became a hot topic when she appeared in the 2018 NHK serial TV novel (morning drama) “Half Blue”.

The cover was made possible by the words of Mr. Fujita, “I want to do the cover (Furuhata) with Seika-chan! Since I was a middle school student in Teen magazine, two people have had the cover on the cover. To try on a swimsuit cover!” When her offer was accepted, she was overjoyed and said, “My dream has come true!” said.

They say they go to the gym to “finish” their bodies for the shoot, and the magazine also includes a method for building their bodies.

How to make a curvy and sharp body

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My favorite summer ♡ I have to have a body that shows my skin and my swimsuit! That’s why I asked ViVi Models who dress in summer trendy styles about their body plans ♪ This time Seika Furuhata’s Erobabu BODY ♡ How to make it amazing! There are many technologies that can be imitated immediately.

I’m thinking of aiming for a feminine, curvy and tight body in the summer months. For example, adding some softness to a body like a Victoria’s Secret model. With a body like this, whether you’re dressed or undressed, I think the balance is very good! You can also wear a beautiful baby bathing suit in the form of a dress.

The dual use of Machine Pilates and Jim is the best for this! If you only train your muscles, it will be strong even if you get bored, so adding Pilates to stretch your body is just right. Also home care! It is best to continue with beauty, not just body care! Therefore, it is essential to massage and relax after bathing in summer. The next day, it will be refreshing. Swimwear ¥ 20900 / Jack of All Traces Press Room (ZULU & ZEPHYR) Necklace ¥ 4400 / HONEY MI HONEY STRIP / Stylist Personal Items ● Product information is taken from ViVi’s July 2022 issue.

OIL MASSAGE “Massage while applying oil after a bath.”

Nicole Fujita and Seika Furuhata

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Nicole Fujita and Seika Furuhata showcase a beautiful swimsuit-trained body for the first time in 10 years.

Models Nicole Fujita and Seika Furuhata appear on the cover of the August 22 special issue of “ViVi”. She showed off her beautifully trained swimsuit.

“(Furuhata) I want to do a cover with Seika! I’ve been on the cover of Teen magazine since I was a middle school student. I want to try the swimsuit cover!” I haven’t forgotten the club. .

Apparently, I have a feeling that this summer, I can do something like summer at sea and in the pool. They expressed their joy when they offered the cover of their swimsuit, “My dream has come true!” They immediately went to the gym to shoot and finished my body. Such a stoic part is what the two have in common.

When I asked her about their impressions of each other’s bodies, she said, “As soon as Nicole took off, I thought, ‘I’m coming,'” “I won’t do it anymore” (laughs). Furuhata said, “The way to finish abs and hips is great!

In response, “Seika-chan collapsed like a real Barbie doll. A body not necessary with practice and bite! Compression is great!” said Fujita. She revealed that since the skeleton and meat are different, it is important not only to diet, but also to train in every way for the body you want to be.

Fujita and Furuhata’s swimsuit covers will be featured in both bookstores and online bookstores. You can enjoy the finished body not only on the cover, but also on the center page. He also talks about how to build a body.

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