See who is Ben Chilwell’s new girlfriend

Ben Chilwell’s new model girlfriend is famous. Chelsea star Ben Chilwell was seen with the beautiful player of the famous series!

Chelsea actress Ben Chilwell was spotted holding hands with model Holly Scarfone, who is famous for her role in the TV series Too Hot To Handle, from a luxury venue in the United States. The images sparked repercussions on social media.

Holly Scarfone, who has 710,000 followers on Instagram, and Chelsea’s world-famous left-back were seen walking hand in hand from a venue. The duo confirmed their love rumors.

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Ben Chilwell and Holly Scarfone

Ben Chilwell and Holly Scarfone’s relationship is proven with images. Chilwell had fun in nightclubs with his new model girlfriend, Holly Scarfone. The couple, who went to their house with their girlfriend, continued the fun at their home.

Before Holly was spotted with Chilwell, rumors of her having an affair with Scott Disick were on the agenda. The famous model displayed with Chilwell put an end to these claims. The couple was also spotted leaving a luxury restaurant in Malibu last week.

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Recently, The Sun announced that Chilwell had finished his toss with Lewis Hamilton’s ex Camila Kendra.

A source told The Sun: “Ben and Camila were getting on like a house ablaze for a couple of months, and appeared to be truly appreciating each other’s conversation socially.

“He clearly thought she was dazzling and she truly enjoyed him. Yet, their sentiment appears to have flamed out nearly when it started.”

Chelsea full-back Ben Chilwell has been snapped connected at the hip with Netflix star Holly Scarfone while holidaying in Los Angeles.

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