Seann says Walsh is ‘insecure and struggling’ in tough ITV jungle

Nicola McLean of I Am a Celebrity claimed that comedian Seann Walsh struggled during his time in the woods and was desperate to change the public’s perception of him.

I Am A Celebrity star says Seann Walsh is ‘insecure and struggling’ in tough ITV jungle

Seann says walsh is insecure and struggling in tough itv jungle 1 gmspors

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Nicola McLean reckons Seann Walsh is “struggling” in the jungle.

The 2008 series star reckons that out of everyone Seann isn’t dealing with jungle life well.

During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, Nicola, said: “He’s struggling, isn’t he? And I might be wrong but I feel like after he was caught on Strictly kissing his partner and the press annihilated him and rightly so.

“But I feel like he wants to be liked, he’s gone on there as a last resort and he needs to turn the public around and he seems very insecure.

“Chris also tried to have banter with him it didn’t work.

“I mean, he didn’t do anything that horrific, people make mistakes.”

She also claimed that Chris Moyles is also finding it quite hard on the show.

The reality TV star thinks that Chris will get the chop next as he has been showing his “bitter” side.

During the Daily Star Instagram Live, Nicola said: “Someone in the comment has just said Chris is ‘moody as f***’, yeah he has been…”

Seann says walsh is 'insecure and struggling' in tough itv jungle

“I think Chris is in harm’s way and I like Chris Moyles, I’ve met him and he was fun, he was caring to me, however I feel something is happening with Chris.

“He appears to be unpleasant I don’t have the foggiest idea how to make sense of it perhaps something going outwardly that he’s not filling us in about and he’s stressed over something since he’s loathing it and that is a disgrace.

Seann says walsh is insecure and struggling in tough itv jungle 3 gmspors

“He’s a major person and we aren’t seeing it so I figure Chris could go straightaway, frankly.”

“Chris helps me a great deal to remember Brandon Block who I was in Older sibling with and he left since he was unable to make it happen however he’s the best person I love him. Furthermore, he would have won it however he needed to go and I feel that with Chris.

“I feel like he’s stewing and something isn’t correct.

She proceeded: “To be fair it is stressing as I sit on the daytime shows and you truly do truly need to stress over what you’re talking about these days and despite the fact that you’re not significance to be hostile.

“With every one of the new words and stuff LGBTQ+ words and I love the gays yet we must be so stressed. I truly do get it yet you can’t go on an unscripted TV drama and be stressed. You’ve demolished your time and destroyed your experience.”

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