Scarlet Jane McPherson blew up a luxury car with a little stone

The stone bounced by a young girl named Scarlet Jane McPherson exploded a 150,000 pound car

It’s hard to believe! The tiny stone he bounced off blew up the million-dollar vehicle. There was an accident in Australia that is hard to believe. The stone bounced by a young girl named Scarlet Jane McPherson hit the £ 150,000 luxury car, causing it to explode.

The unbelievable incident happened in Australia. A young girl named Scarlet Jane McPherson made a vehicle unusable with her bouncing stone. The car owners sued the young girl. The driver and a witness claimed that the young girl ‘threw something onto the road’, which caused a loud explosion in the car.

The young girl was on the agenda after the car blasted with a small stone. Police opened an investigation into the incident.

After the damage to the Lotus Evora GT410 brand vehicle, the owner of the car chased the young girl and delivered it to the police.

The 19-year-old girl, who admitted that she hit the stone with her foot, stated that her aim was not to harm someone or vehicles. The young girl said, “I was playing with stones on the side of the road. The car was moving fast, so I didn’t see it.”

The court fined Scarlet Jane McPherson $ 200. The young girl has not made a statement about the incident yet. However, the explosion of a car with a small stone is still not understood.

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