Scandal about Helicopter Carrying Kobe Bryant

It turns out that the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant has no license to fly in foggy weather.

One of the NBA legends, Kobe Bryant, passed away last week with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others as a result of his helicopter crashing. It turned out that the helicopter carrying Kobe was not licensed to fly in foggy weather.

It is not clear how the helicopter carrying the famous basketball player was allowed to fly without having such a license. An investigation was launched on this issue. Especially conspiracy theories started to turn around.

It turns out that the company, which owns the helicopter carrying the legendary basketball player of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, has no license to fly in foggy weather.

Reuters news agency

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, US National Transport Safety Board Spokesman Keith Holloway said that the license for the island-owned Helicopters company, the owner of the helicopter, is limited only to voyages with pilots open.

However, it is stated that Ara Zobayan has a certificate from the federal authorities that allows the helicopter to fly only by looking at the indicators, but the pilot has little experience of flying in bad weather.The Sikorsky S-76B-type helicopter crashed into a hill in the city of Calabasas. The same day, because the weather was foggy, the local police did not allow their helicopters to fly.

Island Express Helicopters announced that it has suspended all its flights on Thursday.It was alleged that there was a great negligence about this accident. On the pilot’s side, doubts continue.

Emotional Farewell From Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers, whose Kobe Bryant was wearing 20 jerseys, played last night in the NBA after the famous actor’s death.
Los Angeles Lakers players got warm by wearing Bryant’s 8 and 24 jerseys.
On the night Usher sang “Amazing Grace” in front of the 8 and 24 garlands, Lakers’ star actors LeBron James and Anthony Davis were seen crying while reading the American national anthem.
In the match where Lakers lost to Portland Trail Blazers 127-119, the two team players violated the memory of Kobe Bryant, knowing a 24-second attack time and 8-second crossing time.

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