Sandra Pica has health problems for emotional reasons

Sandra Pica candid on the net: “I had a bad streak this summer”. The former contestant of The Island of Temptations doesn’t hide the health problems from her latest emotional fail.

Sandra Pica, who, since breaking up with Tom Brusse, will have a complicated personal moment that even takes her to the hospital after having bouts of depression and having to seek the help of professionals, admitted to her thousands of followers on the net. social. The former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ did not hide his bad experiences despite showing his purpose to advance.

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After getting recognition “she hit rock bottom” Sandra Pica pointed out that she is going through a vital period where the search for a partner is not a priority at the moment. “I find myself at a very different moment in my life. I caught a bad streak this summer. I felt very bad emotionally,” she said.

It is clear that television, which will return to the screens with ‘The Secret Story’, must find itself before considering a relationship: “I decided to take the time I need for myself, heal my wounds and feel myself. I want to meet. Someone who is not with me again right now,” she said.

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In fact, Sandra Pica has already begun to reap the fruits of self-reflection and leaning on her closest surroundings. “I am happy again. With people who have given me good things, with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and savoring every moment,” she said.

She was so confident that the former television contestant used her experience with professionals who had helped her struggle with her problems to recommend one of her followers: “Opening up to the people I love has helped me a lot, telling them about my concerns, getting to know other perspectives, and also a professional and medicine. “Based on this, I promised to think about what is just and necessary (always thought a lot about everything). Listen to myself calmly and do not worry ahead of time. I depend on 100% and that external factors do not affect the good in me. It works for me.”

Finally, he said goodbye to his followers with a hopeful and completely optimistic message. “I’m clear about what I want in my life, what I don’t want and where I want to go,” he said.

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