A feature suitable for the new generation phone comes from Samsung

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Samsung is preparing to make the front and back of the phone screen. Samsung has started testing an interesting feature on a new generation phone. This feature, which seems interesting, has been patented.

Along with a newly emerged image, it turned out that Samsung has received a patent for a new phone with two screens. In fact, we are familiar with the dual screen design in Samsung’s patent, let’s take a look at the details.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, it seems like we will see another extraordinary job from Samsung, which familiarizes us with foldable touch screen phones. It’s actually not that unusual because we’ve seen this design before.

A new patent has emerged that Samsung has approved by the World Intellectual Property Office, known as WIPO. We see a dual-screen phone in Samsung’s new patent, which takes interesting approaches to screens.

B5f32864e31edd228049ece5ade39366826e7822 gmspors

There is also a screen on the back panel of the phone

The patent application submitted by Samsung seems to include an always-on display for the back panel that can only show certain information. The screen will occupy about 60% of the back panel with the housing for the triple camera setup in the upper left corner of the back of the phone.

The patent was filed last January, and as with any patent application, there is always the possibility that the innovations mentioned in the application will never come to light. But Samsung has become a leading supplier of foldable phones over the past few years as it took the dream of transitioning from smartphone to tablet and turned it into the Galaxy Z Fold, so it may not back down on this patent.

Samsung’s most memorable lead telephone of 2022 was delivered as the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. While the S21 Ultra from 2021 upheld the S Pen, it was absolutely impossible to store, convey, or energize the S Pen.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is for all intents and purposes undefined from its ancestor and that is no awful thing, as the plan is just exquisite – on the off chance that it’s not broken why fix it as is commonly said.

The pivot has been constructed very more modest so it closes overall quite close – however there’s still somewhat of a hole in there.

In any case, it fits brilliantly in your pocket not at all like most telephones out there.

The little Cover Screen you can utilize when collapsed stays for certain minor enhancements, as new gadgets, including the capacity to rapidly control brilliant home gadgets.

Samsung has presented a few new tones as well: Bora Purple, Pink Gold and Blue.


Figuring out how to make such a delightful showcase foldable still figures out how to intrigue me like clockwork.

The 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen easily radiates delightful, rich tones.

Samsung has even secret the forward looking selfie camera under the presentation o you get the fullest showcase experience – you can barely see it face on yet can make it out from opposite side points .

Notwithstanding this, the collapsing actually has one major issue, and that is the wrinkle it makes along the center of the screen.

I couldn’t say whether Samsung or anybody can at any point dispense with this yet it stays pretty observable.

It’s not significantly diverting yet you can feel it too as you tap, swipe and slide your strategy for getting around.

What’s more, the size likewise makes it interesting to use with one hand.


One region Samsung has certainly paid attention to criticism on is the battery, and it’s uplifting news.

The limit has been supported somewhat, from 3,300mAh already to 3,700mAh this time.

This assists the Z With flipping serenely deal with a day’s decent use prior to waiting be charged once more.

Another welcome improvement is charging speed, furnished you’re squeezing up with a USB-C link.

You can now go from nothing to 50 percent charged inside around 30 minutes.

Execution and capacity

Samsung is the forerunner in everything Android and seeing why clear.

Utilizing Android 12, the UI runs very smooth, thanks in enormous part to a chip overhaul.

The Flip 4 elements Qualcomm’s top Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, which close by 8GB of RAM, makes exchanging between applications very liquid.

You can part some applications in half with a component called Flex Panel, so the top portion of the screen turns into the application while the base piece has choices, like a cursor.

A smart idea may not come in that frame of mind to the vast majority yet it performs perfectly regardless of the additional machine power required.

The Flip 4 has no outside stockpiling choices, so all things considered Samsung has added another 512GB stockpiling variation.


One more enormous forward-moving step is on cameras, with a double focal point back camera which takes fresh snaps.

Both on the back are 12-megapixels, highlighting super wide and adjustment so your pics are more averse to get hazy from shakes.

The best part is that assuming you need a top notch selfie, you can transform the external cover screen into a camera watcher – and because of the collapsing skill you might set the telephone to 90 degrees and sit it serenely as an afterthought to snap the picture free from selfie arms and off-kilter jawline points.

Discussing the crease, it additionally implies you can film video like a retro camcorder, which you could find is more straightforward to hold than the customary way on cell phones.

There are heaps of explicit photography and video highlights to look over so you get the most ideal pictures for your necessities.

What’s more, would it be a good idea for you need to utilize the forward looking selfie camera, that likewise sneaks up all of a sudden at 10-megapixels.


Samsung has properly concluded that advancement is superior to transformation where the Galaxy Z Flip is concerned.

The progressions from Flip 3 to Flip 4 are not uncommon, yet they are advantageous and show the tech monster is paying attention to input so it can nail the foldable market.

Beginning at £999 for the 128GB variant, as far as possible up to £1,199 for 512GB, it doesn’t come modest.

In any case, consequently you get one of the most exceptional Android encounters around right now, all with a smooth hotshot commendable plan – flipping that screen open simply has a genuine eye catching power about it.

According to a claim, Samsung may be planning to remove the phone with this back-to-front display from the Galaxy A series. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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