Sammy Perez dies after cardiovascular arrest

Recently, he was hospitalized due to medical complications. Actor Sammy Pérez has died at the age of 65 after a long battle with the coronavirus.

Actor Sammy Pérez died this Friday of a heart attack.

He had been urgently hospitalized in recent days due to COVID-19, and the news was relayed via his Instagram account earlier this Friday, although family members reported to the media a week ago that the actor’s health is improving.

“Early today at 3:50 am, Sammy Pérez had a cardiovascular infarction, his little heart stopped, they tried to maneuver to save his life but they couldn’t. Rest in peace Sammy Perez. You are leaving us with a huge emptiness in our hearts.”, posted on his account.

The comedian is also noted for working with Eugenio Derbez on the XH Derbez program and the film No refunds accepted .


Since last July 17, actor and comedian Sammy Pérez has been hospitalized in an emergency due to covid-19.

Known for starting his artistic career with Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” and the Almada brothers, Pérez gained popularity by participating in the XHDerbez program with Eugenio Derbez.

After he was hospitalized, it was reported on his social networks that his “health is fragile”. It was also learned that he was intubated due to lack of improvement.
On Sunday, July 25, it was stated that Pérez is stable, but has accumulated large debts at the hospital and during his hospitalization, doctors noticed that he had diabetes.

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