Salma Hayek in touch for Mexican football player Alvarez

Surprise phone call from Hollywood star Salma Hayek to Ajax football player Alvarez! For the Mexican football player Salma Hayek is on and in touch for the transfer.

Ajax’s Mexican star Edson Alvarez announced that Hollywood star and compatriot Salma Hayek was trying to persuade him to transfer.

Ajax football player Edson Alvarez revealed that Hollywood star Salma Hayek received a phone call to sign for Rennes. Alvarez said he was pleased with Hayek’s interest, but declined the offer.

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Edson Alvarez, the Mexican football player of Ajax, one of the Dutch Eredivisie teams, announced the transfer offer he received. The Mexican football player informed the Dutch press that Hollywood actress Salma Hayek made a phone call for persuasion.

Surprise phone call from Salma Hayek to Ajax player Alvarez

Making a statement to De Telegraaf, Alvarez said, “This surprised and pleased me. But I definitely want to continue in Ajax and I explained this to him,” said the player, stating that he rejected the offer. Salma Hayek is the wife of Francois-Henri Pinault, owner of Rennes club.

The 24-year-old Mexican player can act as a right and left defender, front libero, and central midfielder. Its market value is 18 million euros. He played 50 games for the Mexican National Team and scored 2 goals.

“As someone known for his Mexicanness, he called me and asked me to transfer to France. This surprised and delighted me. But I definitely wanted to stay in Ajax and I explained that to him.”

Salma hayek in touch for mexican football player alvarez 1 gmspors

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