Sagarika Shona accuses Raj Kundra of attending ‘naked audition’

Raj Kundra made headlines with his arrest in an alleged case involving an adult movie, and a now viral video has brought him more controversy. In an undated video, actress Sagarika Shona Suman claimed to have received a call from Umesh Kamat, who presented her with a web series owned and produced by Raj Kundra. She was also asked to audition in a video interview and do a nude audition.

Meanwhile, Umesh Kamat has also arrested by Mumbai Police. He was a former employee of Raj Kundra and was accused of uploading at least eight “p*rnographic and obscene” videos shot by Gehna Vasisth to a social media app for monetary gain. Raj Kundra’s name came to light in the investigation after his property cell came across the involvement of Kenrin, a British production company for which Umesh Kamat worked.

Sagarika Shona accuses Raj Kundra of attending naked audition GMSPORS

Following Raj Kundra’s arrest, Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale said in a statement, “A case has been registered with Mumbai Crime Branch in February 2021 regarding the creation of p*rn*graphic films and their release through certain Apps. We will refer Mr. Raj Kundra to this case on 19/7/19. We arrested him on 21 because he seems to be the main conspirator in this case.”

Actress Gehana Vasisth, who was released on bail in the same case, also reacted to Raj Kundra’s arrest. His journalist said, “The law will follow its own path. We have full faith in Mumbai police, but they should not confuse porn with erotic or daring content. We have always said that Mumbai police is the best force in the world. The courts will decide who the real culprits are and which of the detained defendants are only used by others.”

Sagarika said that if I work, I will continue to work. That’s why I said yes to this job. Then I asked how I can give auditions in times of Covid. That’s why he said that the audition will be done via video call. That’s when he asked me to audition nude. I was surprised to hear of his death. There were three people in the video call. One had his face covered, the other was Raj Kundra, if he was involved in this kind of thing I want him arrested and this trend exposed

It is important that Umesh Kamat worked for Kundra’s company before. And on February 9 this year, he was arrested by the Mumbai Police on allegations of porn racket. Mumbai Police said Kamat was responsible for uploading at least 8 obscene videos to a mobile app. His name came into the spotlight after the arrest of actress Gehana Vashistha.