Sad news from Christian Eriksen! Christian Eriksen to be fitted with a pacemaker

Sad news from Christian Eriksen! It is now very difficult for a star player with a pacemaker to run for the ball. It has been announced that Christian Eriksen will be fitted with a pacemaker. The world-famous midfielder will now say goodbye to his football career.

Christian Eriksen to be fitted with a pacemaker

Eriksen, who lost consciousness and collapsed in the Finland match, will now continue his life with a pacemaker. As a result of the further examinations Eriksen had undergone, the doctors recommended ICD treatment because he had a heart attack due to rhythm disorders. Sports cardiology professors absolutely do not allow Eriksen to play football. Eriksen, who will continue his life with a pacemaker, now seems very weak to continue his active football career.

Sad news from Christian Eriksen Christian Eriksen to be fitted with a pacemaker

In the first match of EURO 2020 Group B, Denmark faced Finland and Christian Eriksen came back from the dead. A sad news came from the Danish Football Association for Christian Eriksen, who suddenly collapsed to the ground and was brought back to life as a result of intense interventions. Christian Eriksen, who had a heart attack, will be fitted with a type of pacemaker called an ICD.


“ICD” is an acronym for Implantable (implantable) Cardioverter Defibrillator. The ICD administers specific treatments to treat heart rhythm disorders such as VT and VF. The ICD is implanted (placed) inside the body and works automatically. The ICD is a device designed to protect individuals at risk from sudden cardiac death (SCD) from potentially fatal ventricular arrhythmias.

Eriksen’s football career is over

Sports cardiology professors and doctors find it too risky for Eriksen to continue his football career. One of the most important football players of Inter and Denmark, the 29-year-old star may no longer be able to see the football fan on green fields.

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