Ryan Gosling Could Be Ken in Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

Ryan Gosling could play Ken in the live-action movie, with Margot Robbie playing Barbie. Margot Robbie is getting ready to play the iconic toy Barbie in her upcoming new movie. The live-action movie based on the popular doll has been in development for years. The movie joins a number of toy adaptations, including a Polly Pocket movie starring Lily Collins and Rock’em Sock’em Robots starring Vin Diesel.

Ryan Gosling, Warner Bros. and Mattel are in talks to play Ken opposite Margot Robbie in the co-production Barbie.

Margot Robbie does double duty in Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, a two-time Oscar nominee who also wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach. In addition to starring as the iconic Mattel doll, she produces the film under the banner of LuckyChap Entertainment, which emerged from last year’s Oscar-winning franchise of “The Promising Young Woman.” “Barbie” produced by LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara; Mattel’s Robbie Brenner and Ynon Kreiz and David Heyman.

Plans to adapt Barbie’s story for the big screen have been recurring a few times in recent years, but things went in full swing when Robbie, Gerwig and Baumbach joined the project in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In July, Variety reported that “Barbie” will begin production at WB’s Leavesden Studios in London in early 2022 and will hit theaters in 2023.

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Greta Gerwig to Direct Barbie Movie Starring Margot Robbie

Greta Gerwig will shoot the film, in which Margot Robbie will play Barbie, in 2022.

Margot Robbie’s Warner Bros. and Mattel will officially play Barbie in a new live-action movie announced in 2019. The Oscar-nominated actress will also co-produce the film with her husband Tom Ackerley and producer Josey McNamara under her label LuckyChap Entertainment.

The director of Barbie, which will be shot in a live-action format, was Greta Gerwig, the producer of the last movie Little Women. Greta Gerwig is also co-writing the Barbie movie with Noah Baumbach.

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In a press release, Robbie praised Barbie for fostering “confidence, curiosity and communication” throughout childhood and encouraging children to “imagine themselves in aspiring roles from a princess to a president”.

“I’m very honored to take on this role and make a film that I believe will have a tremendously positive impact on children and audiences around the world,” she added.

Fans will have to wait a few years to see this movie come to life. Gerwig and Baumbach are currently shooting “White Noise”, the last feature film starring Gerwig. After this project was completed, the duo turned their attention to Warner Bros. in London in early 2022. He will translate it into the story of Barbie, which will begin production at Leavesden Studios. A vision for 2023 is planned.

Final Details of “Barbie” Movie Starring Margot Robbie!

The Barbie movie project spent nearly ten years touring various Hollywood studios. It started at Universal before moving to Sony. It was announced in 2016 that Amy Schumer would act as the lead baby in the film before leaving due to scheduling conflicts. Then Anne Hathaway was chosen to fill her place. As shooting plans began to take shape, the film fell into the hands of Mattel, who sold the rights to Warner Bros. Robbie was selected to act as a doll and serve as producer through LuckyChap Entertainment. Greta Gerwig has signed on to write the script, with rumors that she might direct. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was rumored to be in the director’s chair, but Jenkins denied it.

In a recent interview for Vogue, Robbie admitted that taking on the role wasn’t easy. Robbie; “The role comes with a lot of challenges and a lot of nostalgia. However, it also seems like an exciting way to challenge.” Robbie has demonstrated her commitment to portraying strong female characters on the big screen, with roles in Suicide Squad and I, Tonya, and producing roles on films such as Promising Young Woman. Greta Gerwig’s Little Combined with their experience in directing films like Women and Lady Bird, it seems impossible that these two wouldn’t bring a deep and creative perspective to the story.

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