Ruben Dias Having One of the Worst Days of His Life, Spectacular Comeback from Germany to Portugal: 2-4

After Portugal’s defeat to Germany, Liverpool fans opened fire on Ruben Dias and Bruno Fernandes. Great comeback from Germany against Portugal: 2-4 | EURO 2020 Group F…

Portugal took the lead against Germany in EURO 2020 but was quickly pulled back on Joachim Low’s side.

Footballer of the Year Ruben Dias scores an own goal, Germany scatters Portugal

Ruben dias having one of the worst days of his life spectacular comeback from germany to portugal 2 4 3 gmspors

Faced with Portugal in the second match of EURO 2020 Group F, Germany finished the fight, which started badly, with a 4-2 victory and made them forget the defeat in the first match.

Confronted with Portugal in the Allianz Arena in EURO 2020 Group F, Germany dominated the match 4-2 and figured out how to get their first success in the gathering.

Losing 1-0 to France in their first match, Germany got back to Portugal with an objective scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in the fifteenth moment. Notwithstanding, with Ruben Dias’ own objectives in the 35th moment and Raphael Guerreiro’s own objectives in the 39th moment, Germany went into the changing area 2-1 ahead.

Beginning the second half with objectives, Germany decided the score of the match with Kai Havertz 51 focuses, Robin Gosens 4-1 with 60 focuses, and 4-2 with Diogo Jota’s objective in the 67th moment.

With this success, Germany arrived at 3 focuses and drew with Portugal, who crushed Hungary in their first match. Germany will play their last match in the gathering stage against Hungary on 23 June. Portugal will confront France around the same time.


Starting the game fast against Portugal, Germany scored a goal with Robin Gosens in the 5th minute, but the position was determined to be offside by the decision of VAR. Gosens completed the cross made from the right wing on the back post. But ‘VAR’ determined that the position was offside due to Serge Gnabry’s action on the offside position.

Ruben dias having one of the worst days of his life spectacular comeback from germany to portugal 2 4 4 gmspors

Portugal, which did not break its defensive discipline against Germany’s oppressed game, scored in the 15th minute with a great counter-attack organization. Using the corner used by Germany, Portuguese footballers brought the ball to Diogo Jota. Entering the penalty area from the left wing, Jota passed the pass to Ronaldo at the penalty spot. Ronaldo also sent the ball to the empty goal, giving Portugal a 1-0 lead.


Germany, which did not disperse after Portugal’s goal, brought the balance to the score with Kai Havertz’s goal in the 35th minute. Gosens turned the middle, which opened to the left, sharply inside. Havertz made a touchdown on the six-pass, but Ruben Dias’ backhand hit the ball into the net.

4 minutes after this goal, this time Raphael Guerreiro had an unlucky moment. This time, Müller’s cross from the left wing turned inside on the back post by Joshua Kimmich. When Guerreiro, who wanted to block the ball, sent the ball into their own nets, Germany gained the 2-1 advantage. Portugal became the first team in the history of the tournament to score two own goals in the same match.

Finishing the first half ahead, Germany started the second half with a goal. Gosens, who met the ball on the left wing again, made the middle of the penalty area. In Altipas, Kai Havertz brought the ball into the net with a comfortable shot and was the name that brought the score to 3-1. Robin Gosens, who had a hard time with Portugal with his attacking activity from the beginning of the match, brought the score to 4-1 with a header in the 60th minute and managed to decorate his beautiful football with a goal.

Ruben dias having one of the worst days of his life spectacular comeback from germany to portugal 2 4 1 gmspors

Portugal, who fell out of the game with Germany opening the gap in the second half, managed to hold on to the match in the 67th minute. In the first goal, Ronaldo turned Jota’s assist into a goal, but this time the roles changed. Ronaldo turned the free kick taken from the left wing inside the back post. Touching the ball on the line, Jota made the score 4-2. As the minutes showed 79, Renato Sanches’ long shot returned from the post. With no more goals in the remaining minutes, Germany won the match 4-2.

Premier League player of the year Ruben Dias, Sad Day

Manchester City’s Portuguese defender Ruben Dias has been named the best player of the 2020-21 season in the English Premier League.

Ruben dias having one of the worst days of his life spectacular comeback from germany to portugal 2 4 2 gmspors

According to the statement made by the organization, 24-year-old Dias won the award as a result of the voting, which was attended by the captains and football commentators of 20 teams in the league as well as the fans.

Josep Guardiola, the head of Manchester City, who won the Premier League and English League Cup and played in the finals of the UEFA Champions League, was also awarded the best coach award.

Ruben Dias played one of the worst matches of his life against Germany. Best defender of the year Ruben Dias was disappointed with an own goal.

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