Rockstar Games copyrighted former GTA developer’s video

Two videos of Mike Dailly, one of the names on the development team for Rockstar Games’ original Grand Theft Auto game, showcasing old development material, claim to have received a copyright strike from the company. Dailly, one of the founders of DMA Design (now called Rockstar North), criticized Rockstar in a tweet he posted.

Rockstar doesn’t even give royalties to former GTA developer

Mike Dailly spoke harshly in favor of Rockstar in his Twitter post. “… I see they issue copyright strikes on any GTA video they can find, including my two Prototype videos,” he said. He used abusive words at the beginning of the sentence. “Now they’re trying to block everyone from posting their work on the game, as well as all old development videos.”

These developments come after Dailly’s Prototype development process videos were requested to be taken down by Rockstar with a copyright strike. The video in question showed one of the original versions of the GTA, and was being developed by Dundee-based DMA Designs in the mid-’90s when the Lemmings franchise was best known. Documentation describing the development process for the Grand Theft Auto series is very rare, and they usually appear with videos from previous developers who worked on the series.

Dailly’s claim is that Rockstar is currently trying to remove these videos. He was also given a copyright strike for the Prototype videos he published. Rockstar has yet to comment on the matter. The company is mentioned with GTA 6, which has been on the agenda recently.

The latest news from GTA 6 was quite striking. It was claimed that the game would take place in a Miami-based region and would have a playable female character. So much so that great theories have been put forward about the story of the characters of the game, and it is said that two real-life crime machines may have inspired these characters.

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