Rocco Siffredi surprises with private lecture notes for adults

Rocco Siffredi shows with his book that it has never been done so far. His story and experience were made available to the readers. Rocco Siffredi, who is at the forefront of the porn industry, gives very private lessons at the university.

“Pornography is fiction. Teens need to know about real sex”

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Talking about pornography is not easy. It could have been even less to do with Rocco Siffredi, who makes his trade in the world of porn. However, the conditional in this case is a must, because after spending more than an hour on the phone, the final idea you have of this “world” is much clearer and less surrounded by an aura of curiosity mixed with taboos. Rocco recently published his second book, “Sex Lessons – my sex education course” (Mondadori), in which he talks about his “curiosities” about sexuality. From the couple to the various desires, she writes her personal point of view as “friends, not pornstars.”

Why did you feel the need to write a course on sex education?

“I was actually asked. Gabriella Ungarelli, editor of my previous book ‘Io Rocco’ (Mondadori), called me saying that she was browsing my YouTube channel and found videos that could be very educational for the younger generation as well. From there the discourse expanded to reach parents and was then much more complete It became a guide. I did it very spontaneously in the beginning, also for a kind of confrontation with my son Lorenzo. During the quarantine period, we had a lot of fun filming some videos we called ‘Coronasutra’ about how to support sex during the coronavirus period. During this time he told me that he explained his doubts about sexuality. Messages came from many men.

Is he saying you can educate people and even kids about pornography?

“Not exactly. I already gave a wake-up call five years ago because I realized that a generation of pornography educated people is growing up, and that’s not good. But if I showed all the messages I’ve received, we would have realized how much clarity is needed on this issue, especially for the younger ones. I was invited to high school for a lecture on sexuality and that says a lot. Kids today are fed up with the usual tarantellas. You can’t go on saying, ‘In my day…’ We have to face them ‘one on one’ and very unscientific. With that, belittling psychologists and sexologists or Rocco Siffredi should be teaching at school. But we need someone who knows how to do it right. Men need to understand what porn is, why it’s made and what it’s used for, but above all, it’s not sex education. Otherwise, time will burn and problems will arise. There is a risk that the It’s important to understand that movie performances are not normal sexuality. But that doesn’t happen, because those who have problems first should explain it,” he said.

What do young people want from you?

“I founded the Porn Academy (Rocco Siffredi Academy, ed) and I get hundreds of emails from guys who want to be porn stars. Sometimes some parents also call me to reassure them about their child’s decision. These guys are having a different sexual moment where they don’t feel guilty. that not everyone who attends becomes a pornstar, but most tell me that after this experience they trust women and have resolved their approach issues. If you get to that, you learn very little about sex, mostly from friends, so you often have a distorted view of sex. I did some radio interviews recently “And Massimo Giletti asked if the huge amount of pornography circulating among men via cell phones has not surprised them and changed the way they view women. I say this for a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is a risk that young people do not realize that pornography is fiction and that every girl is a porn star they can see.”

So this is a men’s issue?

“No, it’s a meeting of twisted situations between the two sexes that later becomes explosive. A man has thousands of hormones in his youth, he no longer understands anything and acts accordingly. This is another problem arising from the lack of knowledge about sexuality. If these guys knew very well what the word consent means, if someone had explained to them that it’s not a game and you risk going to jail, maybe they wouldn’t even think of doing it there. It’s the same for girls: if you knew the effect it had on guys, you wouldn’t be sending the ‘wrong’ signals. And I say be careful with the videos: I make a living, but those who come and shop with their mobile phones are very dangerous. Women commit suicide for ‘revenge porn’

What’s in non-life porn movies?

“We always have to exaggerate on the screen, show a woman three times more eager than normal and create surreal situations, especially in this period. If we modeled 90% of what we do at home, people would sleep with our movies. I’ve been doing porn for 35 years and the public decides what we owe, but extreme sex is never sought after in this age”.

Why is that?

“Because life has become extreme and porn has always reflected the face of society. People today need to experience strong emotions, a very “animal” sexuality, at least in “seeing” because they don’t have to do the same things in the bedroom. But what must be understood is performances prepared by professionals, that ours is an industrial business. We have to give the impression that what you are experiencing is sex in its highest expression multiplied by ten. All the talented guys on screen stand tall for hours, and it’s clear the kid looking at them wonders why he couldn’t. No one explains that all of these porn stars, especially the new generation, are drugs. As with filming, no one can say that it is a fictional work. Action where you shoot but people don’t die. If that’s what teens see on their cell phones, boys get scared and thousands grow up in disbelief, and girls can risk advancing.”

Why do you think there is such a sickly appeal to pornography, but also a kind of humility when talking about it?

“Because there’s some kind of animal inside each of us that pops up from time to time and needs that kind of sex. Once we do, we suppress it and it shouldn’t exist anymore. That’s the attitude towards porn. I’ve always had that naturally. as a character.” Maybe that’s the secret of my success, but in reality it has been a problem for everyone, even those who invited me on TV. They want the character, but not everything it brings with it, because it remembers the animal I mentioned earlier. We are used to seeing the scariest things in everyday life; “Violence, wars, dying children, the ugliest things have become normal images and almost do not affect us. Female nudity has also been cleared from customs. The only taboo left is sex. And I’m talking about the male genitalia. It’s like it was part of our life but not recognized.”

He talks about it in the book, referring to many porn stars who somehow deny their past…

“Mostly women. I think of Eva Henger. I’ve heard a few times that she doesn’t want to talk about porn like throwing a stone at her. Even Selen says in a few interviews she’s had a hard time on set. I was twenty when I was on set with her and her boyfriend, and I can tell you enjoyed sex. She had to change when she became a mother. . I also understand that a woman who is a porn star in Italy is not like a man. While woman is seen as bad, that is seen as cool. Unfortunately we are used to wanting other bitches’ mates but we are dear. Italian men generally like very strong, daring women sexually, but in reality everyone will not marry them”.

He says he has experienced these crises himself.

“I lived with guilt towards my wife and children for years for filming porn on set, and I thought it wasn’t fair to them. I saw my job as fun, not work. I realized that Island’ and mine were just a mental issue because my wife and kids never weighed on me. .I was the one who created all this because somehow it was about education and they made us feel like sex was dirty. This includes my previous conversation with Selen and her decision to deny the past. She thought she was just a happy mom today. Instead she almost denies the past but advertises her name for the beauty parlor. she continues to use it to do. I’m sick of the inconsistency. they ask me, I always say she’s a real Italian porn star. More than just Moana who is sexually aseptic. A great woman, a great mind but she didn’t have sex on her side: Selene did. I understand that it would be very difficult for him to face such criticism.”

But the criticism is increasingly towards women, are we still a male-dominated society?

“Unfortunately, yes, even if things are slowly changing thanks to the sexual acceptance of sex. More and more people are emerging who need to declare their sexuality, for better or worse. “People don’t want to hide anymore, and that helps a little bit women who choose to express some colorful sexuality,” she said.

What role does pornography play in our society?

“Despite everything I’ve said before, there is some real work being done on this. It has been seen to help couples solve their problems. Or it helps lonely people a lot. It serves the armed forces or navy, spending three or four months at sea. A funny episode comes to my mind about this: I’m a flight buff during a military arina helicopter pilots show, an admiral told me: “You don’t know how many companions you’ve been to us for your sexuality. Never. Betrayal.” More porn to better understand sexuality. I could go on talking about women watching people who have no money right now, which is real discrimination. There are a thousand reasons to say what it is for. But as with anything, it has a downside and it’s the idiots who bring pornography to real life.”

How does this affect the porn industry?

“We have too many restrictions. For example, now a woman should always say yes to you. No more party games. This is for anyone who’s ever had it, and in this case I’m talking about the #MeToo movement, even if sexuality has little to do with it. For example, you can no longer imagine being abducted by a stranger in an elevator. They are no longer taken into account,” he said.

Maybe he was also good at creating it?

“Bravo yes, but luckier. Because with a life like mine it’s not easy”.

What kind of father is he?

“A father like anyone who loves his family. When I had my first son, Lorenzo, it was a true moment of extraordinary happiness. When the latter was born, the joy was renewed. I’ve always been around them and I’ve been worried since Lorenzo was born. I remember going to check for breathing at night. I was a very present father”.

What if one of their children was a girl?

“I really wanted a little girl and it would be the same as her. I normally lived the sexuality inside me by talking silently about my films. My children immediately understood what their father did at the awards ceremony and why he was surrounded by so many women. With a woman, I probably have a hard time explaining to her why I decided to do porn. Female curiosity is stronger than male curiosity. The only real problem in Italy would be bullying at school, but I believe some pranks are also made on my kids and it can be harder for a man than for a father.”

It’s clear from what he wrote that he loves women, and I’m not just speaking physically, in their entirety. Is that so?

“They’re my life. I made a romantic movie that was released in the US 15 years ago, and the New York Times reporter who interviewed me said a wonderful thing: While watching some porn movies, he realized that I had sex with a woman’s head. It was a discovery for me. “I bought from women and decided to live my life with women. 25 days a month when you’re on set and you have sex with two girls a day, you share your life with them. Today, both as a producer and as a producer. I’m a director, my films are made with women’s heads, never men’s heads.”