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Robin Gosens, one of the most valuable footballers of the Atalanta team, has been with his girlfriend Rabea for a long time. Successful left-back player Robin Gosens recently announced that he and his girlfriend are planning to get married. Robin Gosens, who pays much attention to his private life and continues his professional life, shared information about his private life with journalists.

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Rabee and her boyfriend Robin Gosens

Robin Gosens is one of Atalanta’s strengths, one of the many players shaped by Gian Piero Gasperini, who valued a player purchased in 2017 and is currently worth at least € 30 million.

The German winger has played ten more in the past and also scored another goal after the first season of the 2017-18 season, when he combined 26 matches and 2 goals in all competitions.

This year, Gosens became a true crack, perhaps the most flexible, prolific and sustained winger of the entire Serie A championship. The 25-year-old winger from Emmerich am Rhein has played and scored 21 out of 24 league games so far. With the beauty of seven goals, he only played once in the Italian Cup without finding the net, scored in six games in the Champions League and now Atalanta dreams big by beating Valencia 4-1 in the first leg of the round 16 of the Champions League .

Robin also has five decisive assists for his teammates, and in the league where Atalanta, Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio and Antonio Conte, among others, have the best offensive ahead of Inter in Serie A. The former player of Dordrecth and Heracles Almelo arrived in Bergamo in the summer of 2017, accompanied by his beautiful wife Rabee. Little is known about her, she’s not a very social wag as she only has 1300 followers and she’s not a girl who likes to be in the spotlight.

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The two have been together for years, and it can be said for sure that Robin’s balancing act in her life is that when it comes to social networks, she is not a man who likes to be in the spotlight a bit like her. With Gosens, who has become the true ruler of Atalanta’s left wing, the situation on the pitch is different, with Gosens, who risks losing him both in Italy and in the summer when several clubs are looking for him if offers come from Italy. With the boy who recently wanted to be evaluated by German coach Joachim Loew, Germany will be called in Euro 2020 with the German national team for the first time. It is not known whether Gasperini will remain on his pitch, whether he will go to Milan, Rome or Turin, or return to Germany, but whether Bergamo will leave someone is one thing for sure. the rags he most followed.

Robin Gosens Transfer story

It means the internet guy. These are Robin Gosens’ early days in Italy, “I don’t speak the language and I have to organize everything.” It needs an apartment and, most importantly, the Internet. “The exam really stressed me out!”

An employee of Gosens’ new club Atalanta Bergamo helps him with the organization. “But he couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t speak Italian – and then we contacted the Google translator. He said,” I absolutely need the Internet! “I said. Then: ‘Yes, yes, I’ll buy you one, he uses the internet for you.’ ”

Gosens realized early on that this could be difficult in Italy, or at least different. “I played and lived in the Netherlands, just like Germany.” There “everyone was disciplined and always on time”. Not so in Bergamo.


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The next day, still the first week of Gosens, the technician arrives, “and he told me I need a special piece that he can’t fit right now.” Yeah, okay, “I told him” but when are you coming? I need this internet! ‘ “Tomorrow, same time!” Said.

24 hours later Gosens returned from training – and no one is there. “I still remember today: 14:00, 14:05, 14:30 – no one in sight, and again I have a fear tie, call him and ask: ‘Where are you?’ It was a mix of English and Italian; three slogans I knew at the time. He replies, “How, where am I?” “Gosens tells him about the date, but the“ guy with the internet ”can’t. “‘I’ll come at the same time tomorrow’, then he assured me. Of course …”

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Of course there was nobody there the next day. “I’m in training a week later, and recently the man calls out to me: ‘I’m standing in front of the door, where are you?” Surprisingly, he explains that Gosens has no time and will not be home for four or four hours. it will be five hours. “’It’s okay,’ she shouted happily. ‘I’ll wait here and have a coffee.’

Gosens returns at 18:00 and the man with the internet waits in front of the door, “deeply relieved.” As in previous phone calls, he speaks to his second cell phone and his sentences are translated into English. “‘It’s early,’ he laughed… All Italians behave this way!”

Gosens adapted, “otherwise you won’t have any luck here”. He has been living and playing in Bergamo for two years, and he and Atalanta turned Serie A upside down during this time. In the first year, seventh place was followed by the best placement in the club’s 112-year history last season, with Atalanta third in the league ahead of Inter, ahead of Rome, with the best offensive in the league. Gosens compares this to the Leicester City miracle of 2016 in an exciting conversation. “We may not be champions, but we were also a little stranger who won against the great powers.”

Atalanta does this in a different way than Serie A’s real Elite. “We don’t even have the budget of the Romans or Milan clubs.” Small club with 120,000 inhabitants in northern Italy benefits from outstanding youth work (Atalanta’s youth teams have won 20 championship titles since 1991) and good scouting. “Our way of attracting unknown players, increasing market value and selling them at high prices has paid off and will continue to bear fruit.”

Gosens was one or another of the unknown actors. As an 18-year-old boy, he still played in the Niederrhein-Liga, ruined a trial session at Borussia Dortmund, and was spotted by a Vitesse Arnheim hunter in the fifth division match. He moved to the U19 of the Dutch first division, 40 kilometers from his hometown Emmerich. In Arnhem, Peter Bosz, then coach of the first team, took Gosens to winter training camp in Abu Dhabi and retrained him from midfield to left back. “It was like a starting gun.”

His breakthrough came in 2015 after a year and a half in Heracles Almelo, his adviser first spoke of his interest in Atalanta, but things remained silent until the summer. “After the last game of the Eredivisie season, my manager flew to Bergamo to ask while I was on a team trip to Mallorca with my kids.” Then the counselor called again. “‘I took care of everything, the transfer fee will be paid. You can go to Atalanta.’ The phone almost fell out of my hand, it was supposed to be just bringing information. “I’m not signing a deal with an association that I haven’t heard much about in a foreign country right now.” He probably negotiated a nice bonus himself so everything would go very fast. ”

Gosens continued the party until late in the afternoon, Heracles’ sports director came to him (he was on a team trip) and asked why he was still hesitating. Gosens remained steadfast. “Should I pack my bags and change them without even a single piece of information? That’s not how things work, I told him.”

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Inter Didn’t Offer to Sign Atalanta’s Robin Gosens Last Summer

In a report in the Italian media today, Inter wanted to sign Atalanta back-wing Robin Gosens last summer.As required by, Nerazzurri is said to be a huge fan of Antonio Conte, and Bergamo is in the German’s serving initiative following its stellar season.

He offered Atalanta a loan agreement with an obligation to purchase under certain conditions, but Atalanta was not at the slightest open to making an agreement in such conditions. Nerazzurri is not alone in showing interest in Gosens, the report said Juventus’ 26-year-old child in January.

It is also added that he made an unsuccessful attempt to attract to Turin. Juventus is reportedly trying to sign Gosens again, but there is also competition from Manchester City in the Premier League. Gosens, who was on contract with Atalanta until the end of the next season, said Gian Piero Gasperini this season. ‘s team 30 times, scoring the ninth goal of the campaign with a 2-0 win on Sunday at Sampdoria.

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