Risa Hirako “Showing 51-year-old underwear”

Risa Hirako is a Japanese fashion model represented by Newpower. She has produced fashion brands and been involved in the music industry. A charismatic model and a star in her forties. Her ex-husband is actor Eisaku Yoshida.

Risa Hirako “showing 51-year-old underwear” is a hot topic Kamen Rider has no plans to remarry with her lover.

Model and talent Risa Hirako (51) posted a photo of her underwear on her official Instagram on May 29. The body line and skin radiance I couldn’t think of in my 50s, “Cute, sexy”, “The best! Like an angel” and “God, are you taking medicine for immortality?” overflowing with applauded voices such as It caused a sensation on the Internet.

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Hirako married actor Eisaku Yoshida in 1997 at the age of 26. She didn’t appear on stage for a while after that, but she started modeling in her late 30s and also started producing fashion brands. After establishing the independent image of Alafor women and getting divorced at the age of 44 in 2015, she expanded her field of activity even further.

In recent years, female talents aged 40 and over are more and more displaying their sexy looks, such as swimwear and lingerie, which have become the hot topic. Hirako has repeatedly shown that she has been wearing underwear from the Italian brand “Intimissimi” for about a year. Needed as an “influencer” with 230,000 followers.

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Custom is also satisfactory. She is reportedly living with Katsuyuki Murai (52 years old), an actor who has appeared widely in the series “Kamen Rider” to historical dramas like “Mito Komon” and 2-hour thriller dramas.

She was dating before her divorce in 2015, but when she was photographed on a date in the photo weekly magazine “FRIDAY” in February this year, she said, “We’ve been friends for a long time but I feel really good.” In this respect. Partly because of this, we officially started dating in January 2021. “

A sports newspaper reporter said, “Apart from the start of dating, I’ve been married to Mr. Yoshida for 18 years and I heard that contrary to the flashy looks and image, Mr. Hirako has a one-sided personality if he falls for it. I love him. I’ll deal with it for a long time.”

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Her ex-husband Yoshida remarried to actress Rina Uchiyama (age 40) in November last year. Each of them builds happiness with a new partner and enjoys a single life without worrying about anyone.

Hirako, who doesn’t appear much on TV, remains a mystery, focusing on modeling for magazines and the Internet.

“Kyoko Hasegawa (43 years old) has remained a slightly younger generation, but will be sought after for a while for her beauty refined through the ages like the Heisei Kano sisters.” paper entertainment reporter)

With a presence that only Hirako can give, it has established a unique position during the Reiwa period.

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