Riley Reid had a baby – here are the photos

Riley Reid shared her pregnancy poses and showed off her baby with a few secrets on the back.

Riley Reid, one of Lana’s best friends, got married last year. Now she is having a baby while celebrating her union with her husband.

The OnlyFans influencer and model who has amassed millions of followers on the networks has a difficult family history. Since then, she has been looking for an orderly life and a husband who loves her in every way.

She finally found the love she was looking for and became the subject of a surprise marriage with her husband.

“I want to be real, authentic. I’m trying to be a goddamn person.” At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Riley Reid was featured on YouTube as surviving the flashes in the adult film industry. The porn actress who definitively put her career on hold due to the birth of her daughter last month, made herself more authentic to get out of a place where she was already uncomfortable at the time. She felt that he had to show it somehow.

With over a decade in the conditional film business, Riley Reid has transcended the boundaries of that world. She currently sells her erotic content on OnlyFans, but is also a well-known influencer with two million followers on Instagram and Twitter, and her name is even mentioned in a Bud Bunny song. Also, after getting married, her life took a radical turn.

Riley Reid is now a mother and her friends have supported her. She even supported not only Lana but also Joanna Angel.

I made a lot of money but lost my family

Riley Reid is one of the most sought after adult movie actresses, but this feat is the opposite of her relationship with her family. She admitted that maintaining an emotional relationship was difficult for her.

Adult film actress Riley Reid has millions of followers on social networks and a long history in the porn industry. She even received the most sought-after actress award with more than 585 million views internationally.

According to the América 24 portal, despite the success for several years, there is pain and loneliness in her personal life, as she admitted in a recent interview.

The real problem is with her family, who doesn’t accept her professional job and often criticizes him.

“My mom agreed at first and let me do whatever I wanted,” she said. This created a good atmosphere in the beginning. “It was a positive thing for me that he gave me freedom and wasn’t authoritarian, but as time went on and I got more famous, I started to have a certain doubt on her behalf. Also, our relationship became more and more toxic, as she smoothly earned a lot of money that I gave her,” she added.

“I no longer have a relationship with her, I barely speak to my mother,” Reid said.

The treatment with the rest of her family is similar. Her father has strong religious beliefs and suffers from her daughter’s life.

“When I told my father that I was going to devote myself to porn, he didn’t understand,” the American actress said. “I’m not allowed to visit him because his wife, who is my stepmother, doesn’t like her being an adult film actor. When I suggest making a plan like going out for coffee or breakfast, she says she doesn’t want to be seen with me. This is very painful for me and it bothers me a lot,” she explained.

“I made a lot of money but lost my whole family. I also don’t talk to my brothers and sisters. “I think they eventually took advantage of me like my father did, or they’re ashamed of what I did,” she said. “So when people ask me if I recommend going to porn, I say absolutely no. It makes your life very difficult in your relationship with both your partners, your family and your own intimacy. There are many downsides to this profession and you can only handle it well if you are a strong person,” he added. .

In the dialogue, they also asked her if he could form romantic relationships or start a family. “I was dating a guy for two years and the main conflicts between us were related to my job. She once said she didn’t want to kiss me anymore and we let her go. This has been repeated many times in my life.

Who is Riley Reid, one of the most popular porn actresses?

Riley Reid was born Ashley Mathews on July 8, 1991, in Miami, Florida. Her parents separated when she was very young, resulting in double standards in her upbringing: her father was always extremely religious and fiercely suppressed possessive behavior, while her mother was almost the opposite.

She was always a hard worker in school so he had no problem getting a scholarship to go to college, something very complicated to get in the United States education system. With the opportunity in hand, a very young Ashley enrolled in psychology at Florida International University. She acted like a mental health professional, or at least devoted himself to teaching.

It was, but the truth was very difficult. On The Sh*t Show podcast, Riley said she robbed a store called Target and went to jail because she was so poor. “It’s kind of sad what happened. I was arrested for stealing toothpaste. It was awful,” she recalled.

Financial problems have complicated the present for Riley, who is trying her luck to become a stripper. “I started dancing in the Eden club, which no longer exists. But I was like a dolphin and not a shark because I didn’t know how to get men to pay me. “As a stripper, it was awful,” she said.

Riley Reid managed to break into the porn industry at the age of 19 from various connections that her nightclub friend gave her. At first she didn’t do it as a star: her figure was only shown as an extra backstage. “She was one of the girls dancing in the back in an epic called In the VIP. The heroes had sex and the rest of us were dancing. I’ve done this like five times. I had so much fun,” she recalled.

Riley Reid’s famous tattoo

Yes, the years pass and as we age, the biggest memory that Riley Reid will leave in our minds will most likely be her tattoo.

Riley Reid, who has millions of fans, has had tattoos on her back for many years and has been quite successful in choosing a catchy tattoo in her youth.

It’s in Chinese and it says 生活带来您时柠檬做柠檬水 (but using traditional characters) It literally means “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade“.

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